Where To Stay In Manila

Metro Manila is a huge city and there are tons of options of where to stay in Manila. Making a mistake and staying in the wrong place can be dangerous and costly. I want to help you avoid making the same mistake that I did.

The first time I visited I did not know where to stay in Manila so I decided to stay in the center. This seemed like a reasonable idea since I had just spent the summer in Europe and the city center is usually the best spot. But in Manila the center is very dangerous as I soon found out.

When I arrived at my hotel I soon realized something was not right. Looking outside I saw hundreds of people laying on the street. It looked like something out of the Apocalypse. I was hesitant to go outside but my hunger overtook me so I ventured to the MacDonald’s across the street. This was the first time I visited a MacDonald’s that had a guard holding a riffle patrolling outside. Were people that desperate that they would try to steel some fries and a Big Mac?

Needless to say the area felt really unsafe and it was not what I expected. Where were the pretty girls? Where were the nice bars and girlie bars that I read about? This was more like downtown LA if someone dropped a bomb on it.

Where To Stay In Manila – Makati

So after a sleepless night (who can sleep through constant police sirens?) I asked the man at the front desk where to stay in Manila that would better suit my needs. And he said I should go to Makati. So I packed my things and jumped in a taxi and was on my way to Makati.

When I arrived I felt relief. This looked a lot better. There were nice hotels, lots of bars and restaurants, and massage parlors everywhere. The taxi driver recommended staying at Gramercy Residences. He said it was the nicest place to stay and had great rates. But, as I soon found out, it was not a hotel, it was a condo. So I jumped on Airbnb and found a nice place at a great price.

Where To Stay In Makati – Gramercy Residences

This place had everything. 3 pools on the 36th floor with views of the city, full fitness center with everything you could need, luxury lobby that looks like a million dollars, and an exclusive club on the roof. What more could you want? Oh, did I mention that the building is attached to a 5 level mall with lots of bars and restaurants? This is great for logistics when going on dates.

Right outside of Gramercy Residences was a “Hott Asian” night market/bazar where you can find lots of cheap food from various Asian countries, delicious barbeque, live music and entertainment that is totally free, healthy smoothies, cheap alcohol and lots of cute Filipinas. This place was perfect.

So when you are wondering where to stay in Manila I recommend staying at The Gramercy Residences in Makati. It’s living in luxury with everything you want, including lots of hot girls, all in walking distance. I almost never need to take a taxi or uber because everything I need is right there.

The Gramercy Residences in Makati is even right next to the Red Light District where you can find tons of Girly Bars, happy ending massage parlors, cheap Viagra, and lots of ladyboys (if you are into that).

I’ve been staying at the same place at Gramercy Residences every time I come back. This guy offers the nicest place at a great price. And it sometimes comes with a free maid and cook. She was soon nice she even hooked me up with one of her cute friends. And there are 3 different options depending on your budget. Check it out…

Private Bedroom (shared apartment) – usually around 2500 php/night

Luxury Master Bedroom (shared apartment) – usually around 4000 php/night

2-Story Luxury Condo (entire condo) – usually around 6000 php/night

Click those links to check on the prices because it changes depending on the season. But trust me you will not go wrong staying there. Tell Matt that Dave from AsianSexpats sent you (I don’t get any commission) and he’s more likely to let you book it.

Anyways I hope that was helpful and make sure to tell your friends where to stay in Manila – Gramercy Residences in Makati is your best choice.