What are girls like in Vietnam?

Girls in Vietnam are basically like the Thai girls, except hotter.  During the time we’ve all spent there that’s been consensus.  I’ll go into a bit more detail explaining why we love this country and the beautiful women there.



Well, since this is usually the most important criteria to start off with we’ll stick to the course.  These girls are your typical small framed Asians but with a bit more curves.  It’s like the extra 2% body fat goes to ALL the right places.  This is obviously a good thing for most of us westerners because we like a little bit of curves and that extra little bit just sets them apart.  They typically have a bit wider faces than what most of us seem to think is attractive.  Of course most of this is subjective but there are basic universal rules that say us guys like a little bit of curves.

Curvy Vietnamese girls



This is tough to answer really because there are so many different types of girls out there.  Most of my (our) time was spent in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).  This is a HUGE city that has a tremendous selection of girls to choose from.  Last I heard, the true but unofficial population was around 10 million people so you can imagine the different types of personalities you’ll run into.  For the most part these girls are sweet and up for anything that you want to do.

Ease of Access

There are a ton of girls in Vietnam that will go home with you on the first night.  I’ll just tell a little story here to give you an example.  At this point I was just taking a visa-run from Thailand and decided I’d go check out Ho Chi Minh City.  I did what I always do and signed up for a local dating site a few days before I went.  In this case it was Vietnam Cupid.  Click here to go to the review page. After signing up there I did the normal once again and messaged about 30 different girls that I thought were cute.  Selected a couple that seemed the most interested and went on a first date with one the first day I arrived in Saigon.  I’ll call her Jessica for the sake of keeping her name private.  So we went out for a smoothie and things went pretty well.  She wore a nice, classy dress to meet me and I showed up in shorts and flip flops.  I should clarify, she didn’t dress like a hooker but like a classy lady.  After the smoothies we walked back towards my hotel where she had parked her motorbike.  I wasn’t really planning on inviting her back to my place after smoothies but she made it super obvious that wanted to come up with me.  Usually I would take a girl for a few drinks before getting them to the room so there’s no resistance.  Jessica, however, didn’t want to go for any drinks and said she was kind of tired so I thought the night was ending in defeat.  Instead, when we got to her motorbike we hugged it out and she didn’t get on her bike.  She just stood there so I asked her if she wanted to check out my room.  She immediately said yes and acted a bit excited about it.  Let’s remember, this was 45 minutes after meeting her for the first time!  I won’t go into details but let’s just say she hung out for 3 or 4 hours before heading back to her home.  We met up a couple times while I was there for a week and it was that easy every time.  There were of course a few more girls that I met from Vietnam Cupid that had similar results but this was my favorite because it was my first day there.


"Jessica" from Vietnam