More About Vietnamese Culture


Before you go to Vietnam you need to figure out what you can about Vietnamese culture. Here you’ll get an idea of how to find out what you need to know. That, and you will learn what you can do to make your trip there that much more enjoyable.


You should figure out some of the language so that you can make your way around cities in the area. You don’t want to barely learn the language either, because you may end up saying something offensive to someone and not even know what you are doing. If you can’t learn it because you don’t have the time, then at least hire a guide that can speak your language and the Vietnamese language. That way, you’re able to at least get around and you won’t be at risk for offending anyone because you’re not sure of what you are saying.


The culture is something you should learn about from a local. If you have a family member in the area, you may want to just talk to them for a little while about what to expect. Make sure you learn what is appropriate to wear, say, and do in the areas where other locals are. You also need to learn how to be appropriate when you’re at someone’s home. If they offer you food what do you do? Are you supposed to take your shoes off? If you’re not sure of what to do then at least just follow what other people are doing.


The girls in Vietnam are going to be sweet and a bit spunky in general.  However, they are all usually fairly reserved so you can’t just walk up and talk to them like in most countries.  This is where VietnamCupid comes into play.  The beauty of this site is that girls will talk to you first on a lot of occasions.  Outside of this your best bet is to get to know them through friends or by meeting them multiple times.  An example of this would be meeting a waitress, pharmacist, or bartender on multiple occasions and making friends with them.


The laws in Vietnam are going to be different than where you are from. You’re going to want to make sure that you follow them, because if you don’t they won’t care if you’re not in the know about vietnamese girl in hatthem. You can get into legal issues and end up not being able to leave until you deal with them. Just be kind to others and don’t do anything like steal from anyone.
Always be safe and don’t try going off on your own if you’re not sure of where you are just in case you’re in a bad area.



Do you have the ability to go on a tour or do something else to learn more about the history of Vietnam? You may just find that it’s a great place to live or that you can learn quite a bit about the history so you know what not to say when you are talking to others. Avoid anything like heated discussion about any wars that may have gone on. The problem with talking bad about a country you’re in is that the people are being kind to you by letting you be there and you don’t want to be rude.


When you’re able to learn about Vietnamese culture you can have a great time when you go there. Many people enjoy visiting the area at different times of the year. You can have a vacation there or even live there after you know what to expect.