Getting a girlfriend in Vietnam

Should you date a girl from Vietnam?  The short answer is yes, it’s a no-brainer.  That’s not the only thing you’re here for though so we’ll give you the details of our experience with Vietnamese girls.  These girls are great all the way around and there are only a few complaints.  These complaints can be magnified based on the exact girl that you decide to date just like in any country but of course there are stereotypes and generalizations to make.  If you’re not in Vietnam already then go ahead and get there!  You won’t be sorry.  We’ll give you the good with the bad here so you know exactly what you’d be getting yourself into.


What’s Good About Dating a Vietnamese Girl?

The good thing about dating a Vietnamese girl is that they are eager to please their man unlike girls in Western Countries.  These girls are there for you to cook and clean your place and they are super sweet.  They will give you massages on cue and they almost always let you get your way with anything you’re doing.  There’s no more arguing about where you’re eating dinner because even if you try to let them pick, they never will.  When you find a good girl they are quite faithful and stick by your side even when things aren’t going well.  Can you say that for girls in the West?  That was rhetorical because we all know the answer to that one and if you’re like me, you found it out the hard way a couple of times.  There’s no way you’re not sold yet but just like they say in infomercials, “but wait, there’s more!”.

Hot traditional Vietnamese girl


Some of the other awesome things about these girls is that they don’t always expect you to pay for their stuff.  Although they are quite traditional, they’re still a bit independent and you can split the bill on the first few dates.  After a while though you should probably pay for things just because they’re usually so poor and they give you all of their time that it’s only right.  Last thing to say here is that you should get out there and meet as many as possible before settling down because there’s quite a bit of variety out there.  Check out VietnamCupid to take care of this as quickly as possible.


Time for the Bad News

The good news is that there’s not that much bad news.  The main things you have to watch out for can usually be diverted by a bit of common sense.  This common sense comes down to recognizing signs of girls that are crazy and using you at the beginning.  If they’re overly keen then you should probably run.  These types of girls cling on to you hard and way too emotional.  They typically full of drama and will run off with your stuff after a year for someone new once they realize you’re not able to pay for things for them.  Don’t be naive and think you’re special and that she only treats you like that.  Lots of girls who do this are psycho and are out to find guys that will pay for everything.  Keep these girls around for no longer than a couple of weeks because while they seem awesome and so eager to please you that they’ll do anything you suggest, they will also ruin your bank account and your life in the long term.

Run away from pyscho girls


The last thing to watch out for is jealousy.  This kind of falls in line with being psycho but some of the girls are actually nice, sweet girls but just an issue with jealousy because they don’t want you to leave them.  This can avoided by vetting them early on to figure out if they’ll flip out on you for talking to other girls.  Just start chatting other girls up after a week or two and you’ll find out quickly.  Another test is to ask them to have a threesome with you.  While most girls won’t do this and it might be kind of rude, just judge her reaction.  If it’s over the top crying and yelling then run.  As always, we hope this article helps and good hunting out there!