The Cost Of Living In Vietnam And Moving There


If you want to move to Vietnam, knowing what it will cost is helpful. Here you’re going to get an idea of how to calculate what you should save for your move. Also, you will get some general tips on moving so you know how to plan for your move.


vietnam map and flag

You’re going to need to think about what it’s going to cost to move your items from where you are to the new place you’re moving to. It may be easier to ship your items in the mail if you don’t have the ability to bring the with you on a plane because you have too much. If you’re already in the country, then you can put your items in storage if need be. Sometimes it’s cheaper to just let some of your items go if it will cost too much to get them into your new home making it cheaper to buy them again new.


You’re going to want to make sure you learn the language and culture of this place before you go there. The problem is that if you’re not familiar with it, then you may have a hard time getting along with the locals. People find certain things offensive that other people do that they may not even know is seen that way until they live in a new place. Look up the culture and what is normal in this area of the world and if you’re having trouble with it try to befriend a local that can teach you.


Something else that’s obviously important for you is dating.  If you’re looking to go out on dates they can be very cheap or very expensive depending on where you go.  The first step is to get on Vietnamcupid.  The price there has fluctuated a little over time but at the time of writing this it only costs $20/mo and it’s more than worth it.  You can talk to as many people as you want and can search their site freely to find the perfect partner for you.  Make sure you take these girls to cheaper dates at first.  They won’t judge you for where you take them and it’s probably better to set a cheap expectation instead of making them think you’re rich.  This way they won’t expect you to pay for everything and go to nice places and buy their parents a buffalo.


You are going to want to shop for a home or an apartment to rent before you head out there. However, you shouldn’t agree to pay for a place until you get to see it in person. When you just blindly trust that a place is good and pay for it, then you may find out when you get there that it’s actually in bad shape. Don’t get stuck living in a home that is not what you wanted and always do an inspection before you sign any paperwork or make any payments.


Do you have family in the area that you can live with as you get settled into the area? It may save you some money and allow for you to find a place more comfortably if you have somewhere that you can stay when you get there. If you show up and have to get an apartment or home quickly, it may mean that you have to settle for something that could be better. Offer to pay a little bit of rent to someone for staying with the and try helping with chores so that you’re not just taking from them.


The cost of living in Vietnam is now something you can calculate. You also have an idea of how to plan for your move there. Do your best to research your options and it should turn out to be a lot easier of a move.