Thai Kisses Review – Fake or Real?

So you want to discover the world of dating in Asia and more specifically south east Asia. Dating Asian girls couldn’t be easier if you’re coming from other countries. Basically, if you are a white guy then it’s a piece of cake.

If you are looking for a free way to meet Thai girls then is here to make things easier for you in finding a date with Asian girls.

The issue of going out and finding a girlfriend in Thailand is that a lot of these Asian girls are very shy and at the same time their general culture is heavily based around reputation. And, unfortunately for us, some girls don’t want to ruin their reputation.

The best and easy way to deal with this issues is by getting on a Thai dating site.  This is where sites like Thai Kisses and Thai Cupid (a better choice in my opinion) come in to play.  You can create a profile anywhere you are and it’s free.  You can also pipeline: texting or video calls with your Thai prospects before arriving in Asia. I highly recommend doing this! There are also online translation of emails and chat descriptions.

This is extremely easy because is location independent and you can just tell the girls that you are already in Thailand. This makes it easier than going around looking for girls on the street or at bars.

Dating with thai girls

Now, Thai Kisses is not as good as because there are a lot more bots, fake profiles, and tons and tons of lady boys. And there are less hot girls on than since it’s free. In you come across a lot of fake profiles posing to be what they are not or posting pictures of hot girls and when you get to meet her she won’t be the ones In the picture. In Thai Cupid, they make sure the members are what they say they are.

And you don’t come across many ladyboys on Thai Cupid. They do a good job screen out the lady boys. If you are looking for a lady boy, hey I don’t judge, then try It’s not my thing but to each his own.

So all in all, Thai Cupid is a much better site, but it is a paid site. So if you are cheap as hell then try out first and if you aren’t happy with the results then switch over to Or hell, give them both a try. The more Thai beauties the better right!?