review: Scam or not?


Singapore’s lovely ladies bring out the best of Asia and the US!

The perfect mix of Asian and Caucasian beauty will leave you dazzled!

When you’ve already experienced the tantalizing looks of a Chinese girl, the lovely hips of an Indian woman, the soothing voice of a Filipina, and the smooth skin and face of a Caucasian lady – imagine what you’d feel if they’re all in one package! That’s why I had to write this review and show you that it’s no scam.


Singapore is truly a great place to travel, meet people, and even eventually settle down! Aside from the many tourist attractions to go to, you’ll discover it’s not just the location and the destinations that captures your heart; it’s the people, too – to be specific, the women of Singapore!

If you looking to make it big and score dates with the women in Singapore, then I’d highly recommend you to use some online help, especially when you’re traveling alone or are not used to going out and initiating conversations right there and then.
Even when you have enough experience approaching girls in nightclubs or coffee shops, you’d seldom find a Singaporean woman willing to converse with you at first glance. Chatting them up and scheduling a meet up works way better than an impromptu “Hi, I believe we haven’t met”
Which is why I’d recommend one of the best sites to meet and greet Singaporean women out looking for love –!

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How it works

It’s as easy as any dating site, you register, create your personal profile, and browse through the many accounts of Singaporean women ready to meet you! Registration is free!
You can already message those you are willing to meet, with plenty of features to help you out. They even have a great matchmaking mechanic and you’ll know of your potential date’s preferences and interests even before you get a response!
Also, like many dating websites, you can unlock a lot of features if you’re willing to go Gold or Platinum, which essentially opens up more opportunities for a good match and meet up! Not to worry, the site is transparent enough to show your transactions legitimately, and its way more affordable than your usual costly dating sites! even offers discounts and promos!


Should I have any specific approach?

Just be yourself and be as honest as you can get. All women hate lying men, and if you’re just conning your way into their pants, they’ll know immediately and you’d either get rejected or they won’t respond to you at all. Again, the best approach is to be honest and tell them what you’re looking for.
We should all trash the stereotypes by now, if anything, Singaporean women are one of the most respected Asians around. Once you get to know one, you’ll be surprised to know just how charming and loving they can be!
For the claim that most of them are materialistic, all I can say is that not all women from Singapore have this trait. It will help to ask a few questions to really get to know them as much as possible before meeting them in person.
Using, which may not have as much people compared to other cupid sites, I can tell that a lot of women are looking to settle down. A good number also want just to have some fun and meet up for the day, while some others also just want a good friend to talk to. That’s what I love about this site, because it’s not all about the pressure of getting into a long term relationship all the time. Sometimes, we can just have a nice chat with an online friend here.


How’s the response rate?

I was lucky enough to have more than a 60% response rate, which I credit to my 100% profile completion and my upgrade to Gold. I send out a general message to my selected girls I wanted to meet, some of them having free accounts while others premium. I had enough positive responses that I can’t even reply to all!
What is great and works for me is that Singaporean women also prefer Caucasian men. So you’ll definitely have an advantage over the others if you’re foreign. And don’t worry about the language barrier, as almost all Singaporeans understand English and are quite fluent with it themselves!
As a matter of fact, after just a few chats, I’ve already had some girls excited to meet me! They’re honest enough to tell me what they’re looking for, and if you’re willing to open up to them, you can gain their trust – it works better especially when you’re the gentleman type they respect.

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singaporean love links Scam?

For scammers, I haven’t encountered that problem yet, but I’ve heard some users actually experiencing getting messages and replies from scam or fake account. It’s relatively easy to spot one, because almost all profiles above 90% completion are legit and safe. Also, a reply asking for money right away really does give it away.
Overall, it’s a fun experience even before you meet! Whether it’s just for the day, for the week, or for long term, even when it’s just a friend you’re looking for, the site offers an opportunity that’s perfect for you! You don’t need to worry about fake accounts as there are not many, and you’ll seldom get rejected if you’re honest in your approach. You’ll also have no problems understanding each other since most Singaporean women speak English.


Will I meet my special someone here?


It’s not a question of if, only a question of when – once you dedicate enough time and effort in what you want. The website does not actually give you a 100% guarantee you’ll end up with your soul mate, but it definitely equips you with all the arsenal you’ll need to meet and date the Singaporean girl if your dreams.
A lot of couples have used the site and found success in their love life. I highly recommend you give it a try – you won’t have to pay that much and it will increase your chances immensely; you’ll find that Singaporean women are one of the most attractive and fun girls to date in Asia! I hope you enjoyed this review.