Sex in Thailand

school girls

This is an easy article to write.  After living here for the past few years I can say without a shadow of doubt that this is one of the best places to live if you want a lot of sex.  A huge percentage of these girls are “good girls” and actually won’t put out at all unless you’re dating them seriously.  We’ll talk about a few different scenarios here in this write-up since most guys are looking for different things when it comes to love and sex.


The Good Girls – Make them your Girlfriend

When it comes to the good girls, you have to make them your girlfriend before they will have sex with you regularly.  This is culture based.  I’ve been with girls that have only have 1 partner before me and have never slept over at a guys house before.  Unlike other girls from Western countries, these good girls are willing to learn and will have sex with you anytime you want it.  They are there to please you and understand that you’re a guy and need to get it on regularly.  Lock one of these girls up and she’ll do whatever she can to keep you happy, as long as you’re returning the favor in other areas of life.  You can find a good girl fairly easily on either of the dating sites in Thailand but we prefer ThaiCupid.  It might be a little more expensive but that attracts more good girls.


Hookers in ThaiThe Dark Side

This is the side of Thailand that we all know of.  There are a lot of Thai prostitutes that live here.  These kinds of girls don’t think that sex is a big deal at all, which is far different from the good girls.  There is a gray line when it comes to hookers too.  This is something that most people don’t know if they have never lived here.  Some of the Uni girls will get sponsored by older men and have sex with them regularly in exchange for a monthly fee.  This is a smart way for these girls to get through school but it’s extremely taboo.  There are also free lance girls that don’t do this as a profession but they are different from the Uni girls.  These types of free lance girls will go out to the popular bars and take someone home in exchange for money on occasion, but only when they really need the money or when they are feeling frisky.  If you need some sex in Thailand, you can get it for sure but you just might have to pay sometimes.


Wrapping it up

Well “wrapping it up” could be taken a few ways.  We’ll mention the STDs here in our conclusion just to let you know of the risks.  Thailand has a high rate for STDs.  The reason being is that there is a lot of sex and you can pay these girls to have sex with you without a condom.  There are also a lot of ladyboys and the ladyboys contract HIV at a way higher rate due to friction of anal sex.  Make sure you wear a condom here so that you don’t ruin your life.  If you’re older and don’t care, please still wear one for the sake of everyone else that you could affect.  Just don’t come over here, start dating Asians, and leave a trail of horror behind you.  Have some respect for everyone else.  Thailand – where the sex comes easy and the STDs come cheap.