Review of

I recently spent a 1-month trip in Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk which is why I decided to review You probably already know how much I love Asian women, particularly from Thailand and Philippines, well Russian women are a totally different animal. They typically take longer to sleep with than SE Asian women, but it is well worth the wait.

How can Mother Russia produce such lovely women?

If you’re anything like me and find elegant, independent, ultra-feminine women who wear short skirts with low cut tops and 4-inch heels to the grocery store or just to take out the trash a total turn on – then believe me when I say Russian women are the perfect match for you! They’re classy, they dress nice, they’ve got a powerful aura that can pull you deeper with every minute you’re with them, they’re a hell of a blast talking to and best of all, they know how to satisfy a man in bed – that’s something only the largest country in the world and a cross between Asia and Europe brings.

Now, before I get into my review of, I recommend that you don’t rely on online dating as your ONLY source of meeting beautiful Russian women. Unlike in Asia where women can be very shy and dismissive if you approach them during the day on the street or at a mall; Russian women are typically very receptive to a man approaching them in public and with a genuine compliment. Russian women are ultra-feminine and they love a masculine assertive man who goes for what he wants.

But, no matter where I go I still love to use online dating to my advantage. I mean why not? It’s easy and you can even pipeline your dates before you set foot in the country.

So when I was deciding on which site to use, the obvious one was

! You’ll be surprised how many dating sites are available online. But Russian Cupid helped me get a good number of satisfying dates with some unforgettable steamy nights! I will always recommend it to all the fellow men who want to find a Russian woman who can rock their world and sometimes even take the wheel and give them a ride they’ll never forget!


Here’s why I chose

FREE to join. But you’ll have to pay for the membership to read the messages. works legitimately transparent with their clients with regard to service fees. You get what you pay for, you know what you’re paying for,

and you won’t lose anything from hidden or additional charges! It’s even FREE with the option of upgrading to Gold/Platinum!

Joining is FREE, you’ll be able to access a large number of Russian women’s profiles, and you’ll be able to send messages (although these are limited)

Upgrading to Gold or Platinum grants you access to a number of great galleries and features, these include:

Exclusive galleries like “Bikini Babes” (My personal favorite)

Unlimited messaging and free translation (Platinum members)

Great deals (You can save more than 60% if you choose a 12 month premium account) and it’s quite affordable

Communicate with all members (this is a must)

Over 1.5 million members with great profiles.

You get to find your perfect match out of millions of members! You’re going to love browsing through their pics and messaging them for meet ups!

“Verified” tag for legitimate profiles

If you’ve tried dating sites before, then you’re familiar with scam and fake accounts. For new users, a quick explanation and important advice:


All dating sites have these kinds of accounts,

the fake and scam accounts.

These are women (sometimes men) that exploit you for your money and/or provide fake bio’s and pictures to entice you to date the wrong person, or give out cash or personal information. If you’re gullible enough, you might fall into their trap.

That’s what makes the “verified” tag feature in this site a legit incredible way to know whether or not you’re dealing with a liar. Verified tags help you identify who have legit emails and profiles over those “unverified” which are more likely to be scammers. Remember to always play it safe, though, and make sure you’re not giving out information or money to the wrong person – it’s easy enough to spot a liar with a few well-placed and well-timed questions.

The women are lovely, charming, and beautiful

Aside from everything else, legitimately having a Russian girlfriend is heaven on earth for me. Many of the women you find in this site are amazing – they love to chat and usually have something to talk about. They’re quite honest with their feelings when they open up, and most of them are looking to settle down with a down-to-earth man.

They may seem picky for some but they really aren’t. You’ll find that they only want a man that can love them, provide for them and be a great dad when deciding to settle down. A lot of Russian women are even interested in older men. And they’ll be honest to you about it!

Oh, and they don’t demand money. Straight up from experience, if they’re asking for a bank account or cash on your first few chats, then that’s a scammer.

Real Russian women on the site engage you in conversation in the most sweet and lovely manner. Maybe that’s how I’ve fallen in love. They’re English isn’t that bad either and that accent is oh so sexy to hear in person.

I definitely urge you to give a try! It’s 100% legit, and has more than enough happy and successful marriages come out of it. You’re gorgeous Russian beauty is waiting for you, and I for one will never settle for anything else!

I hope my honest review of was helpful and I encourage you to give it a try if you are planning a trip to Russia. Keep in mind that you want to give yourself at least a month in Russia because the women, like I said earlier, are not as easy to sleep with as SE Asian women. And if you are looking for a loyal wife who will satisfy your needs and pump out a few kids for you then Russia is a great option to find her. Good luck!