How to Sleep With Hot PinaLove Girls on the First Date

If you’re like most guys, you’re absolutely keen to hookup with girls on the first date.  That’s even the goal for most of us.  Sure maybe we’re a little perverted but when you need some lovin’ there’s not a more satisfying feeling than scoring a new gal on the first date.  PinaLove is a place that makes this possible.  If you can get these girls to meet you in person then the chances of you scoring are very high.  Once they make the decision to meet they’ve basically made up their mind that they’ll sleep with you.  Your job now?  Don’t mess it up!


We usually say to do the push-pull method with most girls in Asia on the first date, and this is no different.  However, you don’t want to “push” too hard because this can ruin the date and make her go to her place instead of yours.


This video isn’t related to PinaLove but it will still give you some insight into how to play it.  Advice – tone it down half a notch compared to this and you’ll be just fine in the Philippines!