How to meet girls on PinaLove

Meeting girls is easy on PinaLove.  However, it’s more difficult to convince them to hang out with you.  This is where you’ll need some skill to navigate.  We’re going to go over some basic openers with you here that will leave your competition there in the dust.  These girls aren’t like Western girls so you can actually be a little bit nice to them.


Don’t give these girls all of the attention that they want right off the bat.  We suggest dropping a nice compliment to start off to get a response and then moving forward without any more compliments.  The next messages should be something playful and slightly teasing.  One of the best methods is to give them a nickname.  These PinaLove girls can’t get enough of the nicknames.  So how do you decide on a nickname?  It’s usually pretty easy.  Scan their pictures and find something distinguishing about them.  Do they have big lips?  Then say something along the lines of “So Miss Lippy, what do you do around here?”.  When they say “Miss Lippy??”, you just say “Oh, I’m going to call you Miss Lippy because of your big lips!”.  Yes, I know it sounds cheesy and stupid because it is.  They love it though.  Another example is if they are short just call them “Shorty”.  This one is obvious so no need to elaborate here.  Then you can just try to get to know them a little while teasing some along the way.  If you ever get stuck just call them their nickname and ask a new question.


The next step we recommend is to move them from the dating app over Facebook or another social media platform.  It’s important to talk to them a bit first on PinaLove before making this switch so they’ll feel like they trust you enough to give it to you.  The purpose for the switch comes back to basic marketing principles.  If someone sees  you in more than one place they’ll feel like they know you and trust you more than if they’ve seen you in just one.  I’ve taken this is as far to get to three different forms of contact before asking for a meetup.  This is simple but it only makes sense.  Once someone “sees” you in three places they consider you trustworthy and more than likely a friend if you didn’t mess it up.  Give this a go for sure!


When asking for the meetup we suggest keeping it simple, casual, and smooth.  Don’t call it a date.  Say something along the lines of “So Ms. Lippy, what do you say we be real life friends instead of internet friends?”.  This will only work on PinaLove because they speak English enough to understand what you’re saying.  Basically, don’t try this in other countries because you’ll just confuse them.  It should be easy to get a close after saying this no matter what their response is, as long as it isn’t a no.


We wrote a review of PinaLove that you should check out and start putting some practice in before you arrive.  Happy gaming!