Best Country for Dating Asian Women

We won’t waste your time beating around the bush here.  It’s not unanimous among us five guys that are responsible for this site but two of us believe that the Philippines is the best country for single western men in South East Asia.  Everyone else would say that it’s Thailand or Indonesia but we’ll weigh the pros and cons of dating in the Philippines here.


So Why is the Philippines so Great?


Economic Situation

Well, the main reason is that the women are very keen to meet a foreigner.  The economic situation in for most of the girls on PinaLove is very bad.  If you haven’t been there to experience it yourself then you’ll never be able to comprehend what we’re saying.  Sometimes there are families of 8 living in a two bedroom apartment with no warm water or air condition and their diet consists of mainly fruit and rice.  They will do a lot of things to escape this situation and the easiest thing for them to do is sleep with a foreigner a few times.  In their mind, sleeping with a foreigner and giving them everything they want will lead to dating and upgrading their lifestyle dramatically.  In a lot of cases, they’re right.



There’s not a language barrier here.  People in the Philippines speak English as their first language.  This is GREAT compared to other Asian countries because you can actually have a conversation with them.  Try having a conversation with an uneducated Thai girl – it’s almost impossible.  I’ve been on plenty of dates in other Asian countries where we had to use a translation app to communicate.  Not with the girls from PinaLove!




You hear it all the time before you move to Asia: “Be careful over there, they’ll do anything for your citizenship!”.  Crazy thing about it is that most of the time they’re right.  With the situation for majority of people being rather meek in the Phils, a lot of girls are trying to escape to better countries.  This just isn’t the case with the other Asian countries.  Other Asian nationals have too much pride in their home country to even consider leaving it.  I’m not saying that the PinaLove girls don’t have pride in their country, but they would much rather the economic situation in another country.  Be careful with this one because they really will trick you so they can get married and move to your home country.  Just tell them you’re not planning on leaving after you get your fun a few times.  A percentage of these girls will ditch you if you they think you’re planning to live there for good.