Beer and Women

This is a true man’s post here.  Two of the top things we care about in one place.  Beer and women.  Unfortunately the beer in the Philippines is awful but the women, especially the PinaLove women, are very appealing in general.  However, there are better and worse things to say about each.


The beer in the Philippines is shit.  The only good thing about the country really is their women.  It’s fairly dangerous and an economical disaster.  I wouldn’t suggest walking down the street with your PinaLove date with your phone out.  People will come by and snatch it right out of your hands.  Better yet, if you get yourself a “beer girl” she might snatch it while you’re sleeping and leave.


These women can be great, caring, loving and best of all, sexy.  I highly recommend vetting them very carefully though before you go and start trusting them at all.  Don’t leave anything of significant value laying around anywhere because they might run off with it on the first date or two.  Another thing to watch out for is after you’ve been dating for a while some of them will start cheating on you with other foreigners so they can make some more money.  They will upgrade you in the blink of an eye.  These PinaLove girls aren’t usually out for love, but they are out for money.  There are horror stories posted all over the internet about these girls from Asia ripping off foreigners for everything they own.  They’re much smarter than most people give them credit for.  Be very careful!


Back to the beer.  Did we mention it was shit?  Man, all of the beer in South East Asia is bad but it doesn’t get any worse than the Philippines.  They put all kinds of preservatives in it that will leave your head hurting the next day like you got hit by a truck.  The only thing good about the beer is the beer girls but they can leave you with a headache as well!