Honest Pinalove Review – How to Date Filipina Girls

Pinalove girl

Warning. Pinalove is only the second most popular dating site in the Philippines.  They have the second largest pool of Filipina girls that are signed up to the site but it’s declining rapidly because the site is pretty bad.  They have the highest speculation of scamming going on from what I’ve been hearing.

I wasn’t even going to post a link to Pinalove because it’s that bad. But since it is free you don’t have anything too lose….well except for your time and maybe a date with a ladyboy. Yes, there are a ton of ladyboys on PinaLove. But if you want to check it out then you can ACCESS PINALOVE HERE. But you’ve been warned.

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From what I’ve found, to meet the really high-quality girls you usually need to meet them through social circles.  The ease at which you can meet attractive girls in the Philippines is just insane but the higher class girls don’t usually like foreigners.  With all that being said – it’s always MUCH easier to get a date with a hot Filipina from online dating sites.  We hope this review helps you out so you can make a better decision.  While PinaLove is a decent site (at best), it’s just nowhere as good as FilipinoCupid – read review.  It’s a far better option than Pina Love that will help you land a date WAY easier, with far more attractive girls.  Girls on here like men from any age range, which is apparent by what their profiles say.  Most of them have their age preference set to “Any”.

I did another write up about why using dating sites in Asian countries, especially South East Asia, is so important.  The girls here just aren’t that susceptible to people approaching them during the day to hit on them.  Even if you do it subtly they are usually very shy and most of them don’t want to be seen getting chatted up by a foreigner in public for cultural reasons.  Your best bet in Asia to find someone to date or bang without paying for it is by using a dating site.


This is my second favorite dating site for the Philippines for a number of reasons so I’ll give you some insight.  I always suggest signing up for multiple dating sites but this one should only be used if you’ve signed up for our first choice.  It’s always better to get yourself out there in as many places as possible but you if you’re looking for a girl you wouldn’t go to a ladyboy massage parlour would you?

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Less Fake Accounts – Are there Scams?

The support and security team stays on top of the fake accounts for the most part.  FilipinaCupid does a better job at weeding out all of the scammers and ladyboys posing as girls. It seems that every girl on PinaLove is a ladyboy! This is where this site loses a lot of ground and it also loses a lot of customers because of this.  I haven’t experienced scams and found it to be legit the last time I used it, but there have been a number of complaints that people have sent me recently.  This is why I’ve switched this site from great to only good.  Just be careful.

It’s usually quite easy to spot one of these fake accounts if you have experience but if you’re new to this online dating game it’s quite possible to be tricked a few times.


cute girl with popsicleThe Talent on Pinalove

The talent on Pinalove varies wildly as you could probably imagine.  We’ll ignore the presence of obvious outliers that are either extremely ugly or extremely hot.  The average of the girls on Pinalove probably falls right in the middle of the scale, hanging around a 5.  However, there are plenty of 7s and 8s that are girls hunting for Westerners to go around for the lower number of foreigners.  Once again, the ratio on our favorite Philippines site is much more in YOUR favor.

One good thing about this site is that girls have a lot of pictures on their profiles.  Some of the other dating sites limit everyone to only one picture so you never know what they actually look like.  Girls will obviously pick their best picture that’s taken at the best angle.  You never know if she is overweight, a scammer, or possibly even a ladyboy (not judging if that’s your thing).  The only other dating site that does a better job of this is our #1 pick.

 Paid or Unpaid Version?


Every time I go to a new country I hop on the different dating sites for the paid versions.  There are so many advantages of being on the paid version that it’s not really much of a choice for me anymore.  On Pinalove, the number of messages you can send are limited to one every 15 minutes.  This stops you from being able to message multiple girls at the same time.  The paid version is automatically worth it for this reason.  Before you sign up to PinaLove, we recommend you signing up to our top pick and favorite dating site in the Phils instead.  You should obviously join both but the paid version of our favorite Asian dating site puts Pinalove and all of the others to shame.  Check out the offer below.

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Paid Version of Pinalove

  • Send unlimited messages
  • Advanced search functions



  • Severely limited search functions
  • 1 message per 15 minutes


Put up a few of your best pictures and a brief description and your inbox will be flooded with girls messaging you first!  However, don’t waste your time on this site only.  If there was only one option to pick from, it would be to pick Filipino Cupid (links to review) instead.

If you’re a decent looking guy this will almost get annoying that you have so many messages.  This goes for almost everywhere in Asia.  The only difference is how attractive the girls are and how many of them there are to choose from so make sure you chose your sites wisely.  If you’re not the best thing to look at you’re sure to find success as well, but you’ll have to work a little magic with your words.  This is MUCH easier than in the west obviously.  Give it a try if you’re in the Philippines or heading there soon.  What’s the worst that could happen?

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