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If you think is a scam and what my review of then you’ve come to the right spot! And if you are looking for a Dating Site to finally settle down and get a wife? Then won’t let you down.



I’ve been through many trips around different countries. Surprisingly, I never expected to have Muslim women interact with me the way that they do. Yes, they actually are quite silent and reclusive up front – but that wasn’t my experience when I opened up the dating site:!

Imagine a woman that would dedicate her life to loving you the way you’d want it – she’ll always be there for you, and she’ll care for you whenever you need her. That’s the type of woman that Muslim brides were brought up to be. You could feel just how appreciative and caring they are even when they just communicate online with you.

They’re totally sweet! I love chatting with all of them, and I never felt any fear of rejection and nothing ever felt forced. Quite natural to be honest, and the thing is – all of them were looking for husbands to marry!

What you didn’t know:

Members of aren’t limited to countries like Saudi Arabia or the Middle East. You can chat with women from all across the globe! To name a few, you can find Muslim women wanting to chat in France, Germany, UK, USA, Egypt, Netherlands!

It was an enlightening experience for me. I hadn’t really understood how courtship in the Muslim religion worked. And a lovely girl from Saudi Arabia actually explained to me the whole thing.

It saved me from the shock of having to speak with the fathers of the women who were chatting with me on the site. You can actually gain permission for the father to have plans for wedding her daughter. So I realized that these women wanting to meet men here were all serious about getting married.


What you’ll expect: has over 4.5 million members! As a man, you’ll have messages right away after you’ve successfully registered. Remember, the women here are looking for quality men to marry – so this isn’t the place to look for a one-time thing, or a short term relationship.

Just like any other dating websites, because there’s a lot of members you’d have to look out for scam accounts here as well. It’s not that hard to find out which ones are legit and which ones aren’t. In order to have a safer experience, you can check online for the things to understand so you won’t get scammed on dating sites.

One thing to remember, if an account keeps on asking for your bank or credit card numbers, or when it keeps stressing to send money before you meet her, that’s definitely one of the red flags for a dating scam. It’s things like these that usually pop out when you’ve got fake profiles trying to get to your wallet.

Steer clear of obvious scams on Thankfully, after reviewing I didn’t find many scam accounts.

Do I have to pay?

The dating site is totally free to register. Creating a profile and sending interests is free. You don’t have to pay if you want to send her a message.

If you want to read messages, its free if the account sending you the message has an upgraded membership. If she has a free account, then you’d have to pay to read her messages then. I definitely recommend upgrading to a paid account.


Gold Membership:

$8.33/month (12 months)

$16.66/month (3 months)

$24.98/month (1 month)

Platinum Membership:

$10/month (12 months)

$20/month (3 months)

$29.98/month (1 month)

Upgrading to Gold opens up unlimited messaging, live chat, removes ads, and allows you to browse anonymously.

Upgrading to Platinum includes all the features a Gold membership has plus: Being able to rank up and be seen above other members, doubling your profile space, having the ability to highlight VIP profiles, have access to exclusive search features, have advanced matching algorithms, and my personal favorite – Translation.

Yes, even though most Muslim women are quite fluent in english, you still have a few terms in their language that need to be translated. Once you upgrade to Platinum, you can choose to translate all the messages to your desired language.



In conclusion:


So in concluding my review of, I found it to be one of the most successful dating sites for single men looking for marrying a muslim woman. A lot of the women on the site are gorgeous, sweet, caring, and best of all, they’re looking for someone to settle down with. You can easily weed out any fake or scam accounts, as legit women will chat and reply to you with all honesty. That’s what I love about the site. Almost every woman will stay honest and go straight to the point. Unlike many other sites where you’d usually have them play hard-to-get. And like I said, you’d have to be ready to speak to the parents – they’re really serious about meeting guys to marry them here!

Try out the site today! Its free to register! Time to settle down and meet your Muslim bride at!