Malaysian Culture

We’re really not huge fans of Malaysia and that’s mainly due to the major focus on religion here.  If you’re looking for girls there then half of them are going to be off limits strictly based on the fact that most of people there are Muslim.  In this type of culture the girls are very conservative and don’t sleep around nearly as much as other cultures.  The best way to combat this is to get on a dating site like MalaysianCupid.  People on dating sites are much more liberal.  Okay so I’m not going to make this all about girls here.  Let’s learn you some culture of the country in case you’re planning on going there.  There are a few main takeaways here.  The religion, the history, and the miscellaneous.

Malaysian map


As mentioned previously, the religion here is mainly Islam.  Almost none of the people here are extremist and it’s fairly safe overall.  Something like 2/3 of the population practices Islam and this is the real damper here.  This is one of the religions that is the most different from Western culture and will really confuse you with all of their different rules and rituals.  They are always very conservative which is terrible if you’re a single man.  They also very rarely date or marry outside of their religion.  The other 1/3 of the population is Buddhist or Christian and they allowed to practice their religions freely.  The only real issues with this here is that on rare occasions there are bombings but it’s generally really safe.

Islamic women in malaysia


The history in Malaysia is quite rich.  There were a few skirmishes with Indonesia and the British in the past have lead to Malaysia being a rather independent country.  They have had a ton of economic growth from the late 1980s until now.  The city of Kuala Lumpur has really came around in the past 20 years and it’s one of the better cities in the world to live in.  We’re not going to go into all of the details about the boring history because it’s, well, boring.  Look that up on your own!


The food in Malaysia is actually quite amazing.  It’s kind of a cross between Chinese, Indian, and Thai food.  All Asian food is good so it doesn’t matter what country you go to, you’re just going to eat non stop.  Malaysian food isn’t that healthy so you will probably gain some weight if you’re there for a while.

Malaysian Food

Just like everywhere else in the world except for the U.S., soccer is very popular.  Volleyball is also a bit popular like it is in most of Asia as well.  Their architecture is very Asian but they are turning a bit more modern recently unlike some of the other Asian countries.  If you’re looking for unique mix of traditional and modern architecture then be sure to check this country out.

Did we mention the girls yet?  The girls here can be quite attractive but it’s definitely one of our least favorite places in Asia for the ladies.  Don’t go here for the girls is our recommendation but if you’re already there then you have to just make the best of it.

Cute malaysian girl