How to Land a Date on Filipino Cupid

Image result for filipina girlFilipino Cupid provides the easiest way to pick up Filipinas. Unlike in many other countries, girls in the Philippines generally accord online dating a high level of seriousness, more so when dealing with white men. Therefore, if you’re in Philippine and are looking for the best online dating site, with very many girls, Filipino Cupid is ideal for you. The site is full of hot Pinays looking for either a casual encounter or a long term boyfriend to treat and take them out for dinners.  Go Here to read our reviews of FilipinoCupid.

Upload a Picture

Experience how eager Filipinas are excited to date foreigners by signing up on Filipino Cupid. Since the process takes a very short time, some few minutes, it won’t take you long before dozens of beautiful girls start sending you private messages and liking your profile. Just take the earliest opportunity to upload a close picture; Filipinas respond a lot faster to men who have a profile photo, especially if you put up one of yourself in an attractive place. Girls using Filipino Cupid have a particular purpose ranging from short-term boyfriends to long-term partners with whom they can go out on fancy restaurants and much more.

Avoid Sounding like you’re only after short term pleasures

Most Philippine girls are too shy to talk about intimacy, and if you any of them think that is all you want, quite a good number of them may turn down your advances. So, do not bring up such topics too directly. Instead, tease them up a bit. If she takes the lead, follow along. Do not try and game girls, just smile, be nice, and make the girls feel comfortable around you, and you will get everything you want naturally.

Be Sincere

If you are planning to be in Philippine for long or juts for a very short holiday, be sincere and tell her. You will find a girl who doesn’t mind even if you are only there for a vacation. Request them to accompany you and guide you around. You will get very many of them who are ready to give you company. Some are however after a serious relationship and will make it clear they are seriously looking for long-term love. So, regardless of your duration of stay, be sure you’ll Land a date on Filipino Cupid that meets your terms.

Benefits of using Filipino Cupid

Unlike other dating sites, the number girls on FilipinoCupid far outnumber men, implying that the odds are unbelievably in your favor. While there are thousands of women already logged in on the website, more and more are being added by day as a gorgeous girls turn 18. At any one moment, there are thousands of them online, an indication they are seriously looking for love.

The site allows you not only to view pictures but also have a video chat with the girls, enabling you to establish if indeed they look like their profile pictures. You can also message, ask for their numbers and get all the usual stuff ordinary online dating sites offer.

Try Filipino Cupid today, following the above tips to get the best out of this amazing dating site. All the girls you meet here are receptive and will accept to meet you within a short notice. The website is full of attractive features guaranteed to give you a memorable experience.