Dating Girls in Korea is Easy

Image result for koreaIf you like Asian girls especially girls from Korea like I do, then worry no more because getting an Asian girl is very easy. However, there has been a perception that dating Korean girls is very difficult. Actually, to some degree this is true. And if you know less about Asian girls, your dream of dating one may hit the wall!

Korean girls are very sexy, and most western men are spending sleepless nights dreaming of getting laid by one. But this would be a bit easy if you understand some tactics to win a Korean girl’s heart.

To begin with, Korean girls don’t talk to strangers! Even when you ask her some direction she can walk away. Why? Unlike the western cultures, it is very weird to speak to a stranger according to Korean culture or “mollen saram” as you would call it in Korea. So when you start a conversation with a Korean girl, she might not talk to you since she is not supposed to AND she even fears that she might have to speak English. This actually scares her even more.  The best way you can meet these girls is on KoreanCupid.  It’s not even close.



If you are lucky to talk to her and you set up some dates, she might even not show up! Even if she is really excited to meet you. How comes she didn’t show up? Most Korean girls have family and social obligations that might hold them down from showing up to a date.

Image result for korean girlSo you are still so much interested in dating a Korean girl? Then I will show you how you can make this happen. One thing you need to understand is their culture. This way, they will be devastatingly attracted to you, and they will have to choose you as their boyfriend!

Speaking Korean language to a local girl is a plus for you. Korean people are very proud of their language. Therefore, if you show some understanding and respect to their culture by speaking the Korean language, you will have worn their heart. Plus they will be so surprised if you can speak Korean fluently. They think all foreigners suck at it and therefore you will draw their attention.

Korean girls are said to be less conservative as compared to western ladies or ladies from any other continent. In fact, they are perhaps more slutty when compared to girls from other countries. This is because their culture doesn’t allow them to talk about sex openly.

Therefore, when approaching a girl in Korea, you should be a bit aggressive and push beyond the limits. I actually have the experience since I have stayed in Asia for over ten years now. And I could hear people say that Korean girls don’t like talking, they like physical things. Therefore, understand that Korean girls will never want to talk about sex, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t like it. In fact, you will be surprised to find that they love sex. Once you take the lead, and push things physically, you will be surprised how quickly they give in like any other girl.

There are so many simple dating tips that have a strong effect on Asian girls and can help you be successful on dating them. Most of the Asian females characters are mostly of Japanese and Chinese culture, tradition and thinking. If you want to win a Korean girl, you should, therefore, be ready to learn their culture!