Dating In Japan

Image result for japan flagThere are so many positive things about dating in Japan that people are informed of every single day from advertisements on the internet, in the newspaper, and on commercials. It is important for people to also know the negatives of dating in Japan websites. As with anything that can benefit you, internet dating can also have the opposite effect on you, and it may just be luck that determines whether a person will have a successful or unsuccessful experience with online dating services.


Let’s start with the profile. The most important part is a user’s profile. The profile is what tells other people about whom you are, and it is what the online dating services use to attempt to match you with people that their system determines are compatible for you. Lying on a dating profile is very common and leads to many relationships being started off on lies. Even if they are just small lies or exaggerations, they can be enough to end a relationship once the truth is found out.
In some cases, the lies can be far more serious. In Japan, over 800 crimes have been committed in the last six months through the use of internet dating services. A teenage girl was murdered, and the police are struggling to find the murderer because online dating services allow anyone to join and can provide any information that they choose to. Japan is even considering making a law to help minimize the crimes that result from lies on online dating in Japan.



Image result for japanese girlIn 2015, it was estimated that more than twenty percent of online daters were married. That number has dropped down since then because of the millions of new users that have joined, but there are still thousands and thousands of married people using online dating websites, and it can be impossible for people to tell.


Knowing very little about someone makes it difficult to introduce them to your family and life-long friends. The people who are closest to you will not be able to offer much support or advice for your relationship that started on a dating website because if you do not know much about the person you are dating, your close friends and relatives will know even less.


One last negative of dating via the internet is that it can get expensive. Most websites offer some free trial when you sign up but eventually you have to start paying unless you want to leave the site and most people decide to pay instead of leaving. If you are like many online daters and use several different websites and services than you could be spending more than one hundred dollars per month just to be a member of a dating website.


Nearly one billion dollars in revenue is generated every year in the United States alone from online dating services, and that money is all coming from the user’s pockets. This article is not intended to scare anyone away from online dating, merely just to inform potential users of the negatives to online dating services.