Review – Scam or Not? is it a scam or not? Well to be frank, I think it’s the best place to match Iranian Singles in the locality!

It’s not easy looking for a compatible partner, and most of the time a lot of hook ups end up with some boring conversation to bland night out that doesn’t start the spark for both of you.

Here’s my review of and my take on if is a scam or not.


Get out of the single status and find your best Iranian soul mate!


What many people do not realize, is that quantity over quality often leads to and produces plenty of undesirable outcomes. If you’ve already tried other Asian dating sites, with millions of users, then you’ve possibly had too much to handle and you’re just going to have to cover a lot of profiles and hope for the best. (And you’d also have to sort out the scam profiles)
I’d recommend toning it down and going for a good quality selection with just a few users, for a new and fresh approach. You’ll be quite surprised as to how easy it is to find a partner when all the profiles are good!
No matter your personality or looks, I believe there’s always someone out there for you, and if you’re a single Iranian or simply staying in Iran looking to settle down with a partner in the locality, then is a great site for you.


Breaking Barriers

You don’t have to worry about having culture or tradition get in the way here, because that’s exactly what this site is for. is an avenue where Iranian singles break barriers and open up what they feel they’re missing out due to restrictive traditional beliefs.
What the site offers is a safe haven for Iranian singles to find connections that match their preferences, whether comfortably within their norms or those who want to find a liberated partner that’s outside their old cultural bubble.
You’ll also be happy to discover that most Iranians speak, write and understand English. It’s actually part of their curriculum in elementary school up to high school. Most know other cultures as well and are updated on events internationally.


More than 5,000 Top quality profiles to browse and connect with

You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for especially when you find Iranian men/women your type. With thousands of profiles, and a great matchmaking feature, with just a few clicks you’re on your way with a date of a partner that matches you perfectly!



Less scammers, more legit profiles!

What I’ve discovered with from thousands of users, admittedly and surprisingly only a few questionable accounts exist compared to other sites. Again, with what I say to all using dating sites, IF you find an account without a profile pic or one that’s asking for money the moment you connect – that’s an obvious red flag.
It’s a relief seeing so many legitimate profiles. You don’t have to keep tiptoeing when browsing over all the lovely singles thinking they’re all after your money or bank account.


Perfect for local users

Meet ups and hook ups are relatively easy especially when you’re residing or near the locality. A good majority of single Iranians don’t find it hard to go out and meet – in literally just hours you’ll be meeting your potential partner after messaging on the site!


A fine matchmaking mechanic

Here’s what makes the site all better: like many cupid and dating sites, the matchmaking feature pairs you up with the most compatible partner available. You can view their preferences (If they allowed viewing and did some input, which almost all profiles have in my experience) and pick the ones that are compatible with your interests!
Gone are the days where you’ll get awkward silence from not knowing what to talk about or the long pauses not knowing where you’ll go! The site covers that beforehand – all interests, preferences and beliefs matched to maximize your dating experience!


More advantageous for women

Ladies you’re in luck! With the man-woman ratio currently on the site, you’re going to have dozens of single men flocking to your profile asking for a date! Make sure you create your profile well and place your preferences right, your definitely going to find a great guy to sweep you off your feet!
Of course, that doesn’t mean Men have it less. Everyone on the site has a high probability chance of matching up!


Free to register! Gold and Platinum at great discount prices! is a site with free registry.  You can go ahead and create a profile without spending anything! You can put in your profile picture, you can view others profiles in full – you can already send friend requests and even create your own favorites list! is a site with free registry.  You can go ahead and create a profile without spending anything! You can put in your profile picture, you can view others profiles in full – you can already send friend requests and even create your own favorites list! If anything, you still have limited messaging but you’ll already have access to some features. You’ll probably want to go Gold or Platinum for a full experience, and guess what? They come in very affordable prices!With Gold/Platinum memberships, you’ll have all the features available – among others like video uploading and you’ll appear first in searches.Here’s a quick summary of the prices available:(All subject to changes and promos every month)

Membership Prices

Gold Total amount

1 Month           $34.99

3 Months         $69.99

12 Months         $140.04


Platinum Total  amount

1 Month            $39.99

3 Months          $79.98

12 Months         $159.96



All kinds of love to be found in Iran

So my review of is it’s not a scam and it is my highly recommended site if you have Iranian descent or are living in Iran and looking for a partner. I’d also recommend it even for foreigners who are living in Iran or at least staying for a good while.

All kinds of singles are looking for different kinds of love – whether you want a partner just for something casual, or one for life, or even when you’re just looking for a good friend to chat with and talk to, you can find one here.