Review / Is it worth it?


So I decided to try the dating site because, well, if you’ve been following my articles for a while now, you know I prefer ethnic women over white women. Maybe I was burned in the USA too many times by hardcore liberal feminists, or maybe I just like something more exotic – but either way, if you are like me, or you are a non-white person looking for a white candidate then give a shot!

It’s a dating website where any race can date each other – whether you’re a Chinese man looking for Mexican women, or a Caucasian who’s looking to date Asians, or an African American looking for a European – you get the drill. Love isn’t bound by race here!

I for one appreciate the beauty of all kinds of women around the world. They each have their own gorgeous perks; physical and personality wise. It just drives me crazy how women can be beautiful in so many different ways!

That being said, there’s always a formula that works for everybody. Why do you think interracial couples are so happy with their lives? Don’t let society and norms dictate who you’re going to marry or who you’re going to date. Truly, when it all comes down to it, love isn’t supposed to be limited to only one’s own race or ethnicity.

Let me introduce you to a dating site I recommend you use:! One of the best sites around for men and women looking to break boundaries:

At a glance, How good is it?

It works remarkably well with a great number of satisfied couples! It’s amazing how in this new day and age, people are finding it easier to get together online through dating websites. You can always find a match here with the number of users regularly online. Because this site is full of different people from different kinds of race, it’s quite a fun and exciting experience for everyone.

It’s free to register! The option for a Gold/Platinum upgrade is always there, which of course gives you the advantage of using video chat and the like. It’s also quite relatively more affordable than other dating websites.


The matchmaking feature and profile editor are all exceptional in terms of layout, design, structure and function. You can even link your dating profile to other social media sites like Facebook. You can choose to add in your photos and your personal information, and the site also has this amazing feature that makes your contact information inaccessible unless you allow it to be open to a certain individual or to the public.


Profiles and Members

Creating a profile is easy and if you want, you can really go in depth. It’s because the site is a safe haven for interracial couples to get together, which means the profiles are a bit more detailed for that purpose. You can have around 5 photos for your profile, and you can link it to existing social media accounts such as Facebook. It even has “Cupid Tags” a feature that allows you to show your interests and what you’re searching for, like preferences or lifestyles and even beliefs.

A lot of members are online which you have the option to message or even audio and video chat with. The site also shows when a member has last logged in for those who you are interested in but are offline – so you’ll know when to get your hopes up when you found a great match for you!

Accounts and Features

Registration is free in . You can edit your profile, choose to remain anonymous, and view others profile information and photos.

You can also see who are online or when they last logged in. You can choose a monthly payment schedule for Gold/Platinum if you want to access stuff like unlimited messaging and other perks. You’ll have a 33-50% discount

if you choose to have a 3-month or 6-month payment arrangement. The site shows you what you’re paying for, so I suggest going Platinum as it isn’t that expensive, and with the discount that’s already a great bargain for all the features!

My Platinum account opens up Galleries and other amazing stuff. The best part, however, is the audio and video chat – which I find very useful as this is an Interracial dating website. Going Platinum also opens up another useful feature – translation. With this, the language barrier isn’t keeping me from meeting a lovely woman with a foreign tongue! The matchmaking helps you pair up with those of the same interests and even with the same preferences. This saves you a lot of time and removes that awkward phases of getting rejected due to beliefs and practices.


Safety and Security

As mentioned before, you have the option to remain anonymous while browsing through the site. You can choose to share what info you want for security reasons, and unless you allow it, your personal and contact information will remain private. The website also has its own Dating Safety information page to help out people new to using dating websites and see things to avoid and things to keep in mind there. Give it a read even when you’ve already tried websites like these before, it’s very helpful.

There’s also that issue you usually get with online dating websites, and those are fake or scam accounts. And curiously,

actually has very few of these accounts around. Partly because the site is quite detailed and secure and partly because the people here are all genuine and honest with finding love online!



I’ve already landed a lot of dates because of . It was recommended from a friend who found his partner online! I get that interracial couples have stirred a controversy here and there before, but there’s not need to feel threatened if you really genuinely want to know each other and get together! is great for any kind of love you might be looking for! When you’re looking for a date, if you want to settle down with someone, or even when you just want a friend to be with or chat with, this dating website is definitely an option you wouldn’t want to miss!

Highly recommended!