International Cupid review

international cupid review

Does really scam you?

(Spoiler alert – No, it doesn’t)

I decided to write this International Cupid review because I’m a man in an open relationship that travels around the world a lot, and since I tried out most of the other cupid sites why not As you probably already know, I love to meet women all over the world while I travel. But alas! Even when I’m at the top of my game I just can’t seem to find good opportunities when I meet women casually walking by or even when I’m out in the various nightclubs trying to score.
It’s usually easier if I had a buddy or my wolf pack with me, but I usually fly solo for work, and it’s ten times harder to pick up hot women when you’re alone, and especially when they have a pack of their own. That’s when I decided to try out dating sites my coworker recommended, specifically cupid sites –

Having fun around the world can be lonely;
Hooking up online might be the solution!

If I would rate it, I’d review a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It’s arguably one of the best dating sites for a guy like me and makes meetups and hook ups exceptionally easier than just going out there and picking up random strangers you see.
As such, I recommend that you to give it a try, I’ve been successful most of the time, and of course, it’s not without its downside – so here’s my quick review of international cupid and what it’s like to use the site:

Free to sign up, but I advise going gold or platinum

Like its entire sister dating websites, is free to register. Which is great – you can get to matchmaking and making your profile as much as you want! However, you have limited messaging and will only be able to communicate properly if it’s with a gold or platinum member, so basically:

  • Free user + Free user = limited to no communication
    Free user + Gold/Platinum user = Messaging and Video (Platinum members)
    Gold/Platinum user + Gold/Platinum user = Messaging and Video (Platinum members)

Upgrading to premium also opens up better matchmaking and profile editing features, as well as access to galleries and more. You can choose monthly renewal, and you should check out what works for you, as other promos offer discounts too.

Over 1 million profiles and users!
Babes from all around the world


  • Meet ups are way easier

From personal preference, I’d much rather use this site for quick hook ups and casual dating, since I travel around a lot, I don’t spend too much time in one place. Surprisingly, a lot of women on the site also want this one-time thing, as they too have busy schedules (works for both of us).

Once, before I left Asia for a business trip (Philippines) I met another American (half Latina) through the site that was there for work as well. I was to stay for about a week but she had a month before she left for Japan, so we met up and enjoyed each other’s company for a while. All I can say is, there wasn’t a single cold night spent in the hotel for me that trip. (If you know what I mean)

  • All kinds of women looking for all kinds of love

Don’t worry though, there are also thousands of women looking to settle down and find love, and it’s not just the one-night-stand type.

But if you’re looking for a specific country you’d want to find a girl and settle down or bring her home with you, you’ll have better luck using the other cupid sites specific to the area. From what I discovered, it’s a separate account, so you’ll have to make a new one there, too.

  • No English? No problem!

Another reason I’m giving a good review is its translation services. Premium accounts have better translation and it’s catered to break language barriers. So you won’t have to worry about not understanding each other while messaging her through the site. Just make use of the translation option and boom! Communication made easy.

international cupid




It’s actually easy to avoid

Like many online dating sites, it’s very common to see tons of scammers and fake profiles. But if you’re smart, you’ll only need a bit of caution and diligence to dodge these kinds of accounts.

I understand how many think dating sites like

have a negative reputation because of the scamming, but a good number of successful relationships and dates (mine, for example) were a product of this sites ingenuity and practicability.

What you’d have to understand is it’s not the dating site

per se

that’s harmful. It’s only the lying fakes that trap gullible people who give it a bad name. Here are my tips for you to avoid falling into the trap:

  • Ask questions about their status and profile. She’s a doctor? Ask about health care, if they can’t answer straight, red flag.

  • Voice call, or better, video chat. So you’ll know it’s an actual person in front of you. And whether or not they match their profile pic.

  • When they ask for passwords, bank accounts, or directly for money right off the bat – then that’s definitely a scam.

  • Telling you you’re handsome or hot right away, or that they’re desperate to meet up, or that they’ll show you something but require you sending some info – red flag as well.

  • They ask for your pet’s name or you’re mother’s maiden name or your favorite band in high school. Really? They’d really want to know that first? Red flag.

  • No profile pic, but other info are very detailed, double check before you engage.

Hey, traveling solo and single doesn’t bother the heck out of me anymore. I’m enjoying every flight now – as I know there’s an international cutie waiting for some lovin’ out there for me. Try out

, a guy always needs a little help getting dates – I haven’t regretted using it, and I’ll keep on using it!