Indian Review

The tantalizing hips of a sexy Indian woman can steal your soul!

Ever seen those Bollywood films where almost all the women know how to belly dance and are extremely gorgeous when they stare at you through the camera? Those are exactly the kind of beautiful women you’ll mostly encounter in

Asia is home to a lot of diverse women. Paired alongside Japan and China, the Philippines and Taiwan, India is a whole different kind of beauty. And boy, can they ever draw you in!

I’ve been to India 3 times which led me to write this review of

A different kind of lovin’

From what I have discovered for myself, Indian women can be quite startled if you approach them during the day at malls or coffee shops. In fact, a few times they ask if this was a “dare”. Even worse is trying to meet women at bars and clubs because almost all Indian women go out at night with groups of guys. Probably for safety reasons.

But don’t let this put you down. Indian women, all though in my opinion are not the hottest in Asia, they can be very charming and elegant.

Like most Asian women, they are looking for a man that can provide for them – and in turn they will be there for you and give you the kind of love you all so deserve! (They’re almost all great dancers, so you can just imagine what I discovered when I finally got to sleep with one) Indian women are very lovable when they are attracted to you; they show it in a meek, kind, yet very sexy manner (You can tell by their cute glancing that they are interested, man, which really is a turn on for me!)

I’ve got to tell you though, traditionally they seem very deep into their culture, so it’s best to learn a lot about what can and can’t be done in their presence (Or you can ask her to tell you yourself! It can be a great starter for your conversation!)


Why I chose Indian

Well, even when you’re confident enough to go out there and find yourself your Indian dream girl you might be surprised how hard it is to get to them let alone engage in conversation and bring one home with you. Remember, because of their culture and tradition, it’s hard for a foreigner to pick up women in India without some online help. (Had to find that one out the hard way)

Indian cupid served as my bridge and paved the way to a lot of dates with my newly discovered taste for kind and respectful women – but don’t just expect all the meek ones to be there, a lot of profiles led me to bubbly and dare-seeking women as well, India is just full of surprises.


Check out this IndiaCupid Review video:


A taste of a non-traditional Indian woman

You’ve probably heard of arranged marriages being popular in India. You aren’t mistaken – that may be the case for a lot of the women there, however, the ones you find in Indian cupid are a tad bit on the non-traditional side which makes all the more easier and better for dating!

Even better, it’s a mix of Non-resident and resident girls, meaning some are actually also traveling and are looking for meet ups. You’ll also find that they’re users differ if you’re looking for variety! From the cultural dress to some sneakers and jeans, the site has it all!


Free registration and tons of features unlocked in premium

Indian cupid’s set up is very similar to the other cupid sites.

You can start and register for free! This comes with limited messaging but you can already start viewing profiles and such, there’s also a free trial at the start to help you get started.

But if you’re looking for a faster way to start dating, I’d recommend you pay for a premium account, which aside from being very affordable grants you all the perks like direct messaging and faster match finding.

It also opens up great galleries and better search features. The site does give you a bang for your buck – no hidden charges with a full description of what you’re paying for. Like many cupid sites, offer a lot of discount prices that can even reach to up to more than 50% off.


Match finding and meet up features

Best of all, options you can choose, like your ethnic origin and religious views are available to help you find a better, if not perfect, match for your interests and standards. You’ll find what you’re looking for without the hassles of asking, and without the hurt of getting turned down because of your beliefs and practices!

You can straight up find a direct match to your preferences!

Video chat is also available. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED before you go and meet in person. This was what got me excited enough for meet ups, as I actually got to see and hear the girl I was going to meet in a few days’ time! It’s a great way to get to know who you’re meeting and protects you from scammers as well!


The women there are always looking for love

Indian women found on the site are looking for all kinds of love! You’ll actually find that many are looking to find a man to settle down, many are also into quick casual dating, and some are just there looking for someone to talk to and have fun with!

Best of all, when you finally found your Indian girlfriend, you’ll experience a lot of new things in life (I kid you not!) that would blow your expectations. There’s just that much love they can give and they earned my full respect as women who know how to love a man. Go ahead and give a shot, your dream girl is waiting for you to meet her now!

Hope you enjoyed this IndiaCupid review. Check out the video to see of what IndiaCupid has to offer