How I Make Money Online and Live in Asia

laptopmakemoneyonlineHey fellas.  Dave here.  I’ve had a TON of emails from people asking me how I managed to move to Asia at the ‘young’ age of 43.  Well, it’s a bit of a story but I’ll let it rip.  This is an excerpt from the beginning of my Ebook where I tell the story of why I moved to Asia, and how I make money online.


What if I told you that you could uproot your mediocre life, take it to Asia, and fuck as many hot girls as you could handle? What if I told you that you can have ALL of your needs met by feminine women that don’t treat you like shit? What if this was cheaper than your life back home? Well let me tell you then…you’re making a HUGE mistake if you’re not already in Asia, as I’m sure those of you already in Asia will agree completely.

“But wait…who the hell is this guy to give me advice on my sex life, relationships, and finances?”

Alright I’ll give you some background on myself. My name is Dave – I’ll just leave it at that since my site has been under attack multiple times by the crazy feminists of the Western world. That’s a story for another day though.

I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m 52 years old and have been living in Asia for the past 9 years. I was a small business owner and married to one of those nagging feminist women back in North Carolina. I had a friend that had been to Thailand while he was in the military. He used to tell me stories about how great the girls were, how he hated the food (he’s crazy, it’s fucking delicious), and how cheap everything was.

The part about the girls really spiked my interest. You see, I was struggling with a nagging wife that always held out on me when it came to sex. She had let herself go in so many ways that I wasn’t even attracted to her anymore. My life was shitty.

So I started putting together my escape plan. I started lining everything up to go to Thailand. The first step was to get a divorce. I started planning that out, said fuck it, and went to a divorce attorney the next day. Got everything lined up and was out of there as quickly as possible. It was messy and time consuming but what a relief!

The divorce actually set me back quite a bit since I was the main bread-winner and she of course got half of everything (stupid American laws). This put me in a bigger financial hole than anticipated so I had to find a way to make more money. I stumbled across some things online after months of research and put together an online business that became successful very quickly. This gave me a large enough income that I could move to Asia full time.


The online courses I took set me back around $2,000 at the time.  They were from a guy named Russ Thompson.  He’s no longer around and I can’t find anything about him online anywhere, it’s like disappeared.  Let me tell you, it was awesome and taught me everything I needed to know.  Another course I picked up a couple of years ago was from Tai Lopez.  Some people don’t like this guy because he’s a bit ‘IN YOUR FACE’ but his knowledge….well it’s second to none.  His ‘in your face’ stuff is because he seems to brag about cars and girls a lot but he’s the real deal and his courses are amazing.  That one course has taken my income and TRIPLED it.  I’m in one of his advanced courses since I’ve been making money online for a while but you can pick up one of his beginner course.  I have a special link for you since I’m already in his programs.  If I had to do it over again, I’d follow every single program he put out until I was making $2,000 a month and then I’d sell everything and move to Asia.  You don’t even need to make $2,000 a month actually.  It’s more like $1,000 but the extra is just padding!  Here’s the link:


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Being a single man for a year in the States was a HUGE hassle. All of the women were so cold and rude. I never knew how hard it was to find sex as a middle aged man. After going on a few dates and experiencing their attitudes I was even more ready to get to Asia.

Next up was the big move. Having never actually been to Asia, it was a bit scary. Would I have friends? Were the girls as easy as I had read online? Was my friend right about how cheap it was? You have to remember, there wasn’t very much information out there about this kind of thing in 2005.

Long story short (well, being cut short now), is that I now live in Thailand and have spent a lot of time in most of the other Asian countries – mainly South East Asia. The women are amazing. The food is great. The days are warm and easy. I have many like-minded friends. I have sex anytime I want and I have a new wife that likes to take care of me. She doesn’t even mind if I head to the hooker bars every now and then. What’s not to love?

So why am I qualified to give advice on dating, fucking, and finances?
I’ve been there. I understand any issue you may have. I get you. I WAS you. I created a way and made my journey to Asia for a better life and I’m here to help you accomplish the same thing.


Okay, so now that you’ve read that about how to learn how to make money yourself, I’ll tell you what I do specifically.  I have three different streams of income.  All of them are online.  I make money from this website giving men information that they want anyways.  All I do is recommend the best dating sites in Asia that I personally use myself.  There are no scams here.  Another stream of income that I have is a Shopify store.  It’s very easy to setup and it brings in about $3,500 per month profit on average.  I run really simple ads for it on Facebook to people that would be interested in the products.  After that, I have my virtual assistant fulfill the orders and the product ships out from a warehouse in China.  I never touch the products.  I learned this from Russ but Tai’s courses REALLY increased my income here.  This was my first business and it has supported me for a long time now.  The last business I have is an Amazon store.  I sell the same products on Amazon and they ship from the same place.  My virtual assistant handles the customer service for this business too.  I pay my virtual assistant $400 per month and she lives in the Philippines.  If you want to start any kind of business like this, check out Tai’s courses.  He gives you the foundation of things first with his basic course but then you can get into one of his advanced courses and really start making some money.  Hope this helped with everything you wanted to know.  If you have any questions just email me.  If you have purchased one of his advanced courses I’ll do what I can to help you get started and answer any questions I can.  Also, I do take some 1-on-1 clients because I like coaching but it’s not cheap at all.  I charge $300 per hour for consulting.  However, you get some time with me for FREE if you purchase one of his courses because I know you’re an action taker and that you’re serious.  Cheers fellas!


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