Hong Kong Cupid Review

Hong Kong Cupid is right now the biggest dating site in China. This by a wide margin has become the best site in China. I have personally found a ton of fantastic young ladies on this site. There are typically more than 5,000 dynamic profiles in the previous month searching from 18 to 35 years of age.

These young ladies are genuinely searching for interested partners from other countries. The quality on HongKongCupid.com is excellent in view of the sheer volume of high class ladies on the site. I’ve personally gotten laid several times on while on short business trips to Hong Kong using HongKongCupid.com.

Number one recommendation is to get the paid variant to battle the lesser measure of messages you’ll get. With the paid rendition, you can send the same number of messages as you need to the greater part of the young ladies and simply sit tight for their answers. All things considered, this is about getting the most ideal outcomes.

False Accounts on Hong Kong Cupid– would they say they are genuine?

 There are still some fake profiles yet in the event that you use your head a bit it’s easy to spot them. With such a large number of females it must be substantially harder to “police” this site yet the owners of Hong Kong Cupid to a pretty good job. If you come across a false profile contact the support system about it as they will do their best to restrict or permanently delete the profile. Try not to let this prevent you from trying this site.


  • Dependable customer care service that are always within reach to answer any queries or questions you might have.

  • 24/7 customer service availability.

  • Exclusive features which ensures your Hong Kong Cupid dating experience is never compared to any other.

  • A supportive threesome community that offers high commitment and interactions.

  • Loads of other features setting Hong Kong Cupid apart from other dating websites


  • Hongkong Cupid takes measure to screen members, but this is however not enough to guarantee that an individual’s profile is 100% genuine

  • There is a restriction to the number of dating preferences, this could be an issue as some individuals and/or couples do have more than a single dating preference.

  • You must be 18 or above before registering on Hongkong Cupid.

Paid or Unpaid Version?

This is an easy decision. PAID. Yes, it sucks, however it’s truly the best way you can get full access to the site. Without the paid subscription you are to a great degree restricted by the quantity of messages you can send. Your profile likewise hangs out lower in the outcomes and site ranking. I recommend getting the Gold or platinum membership. The Platinum is definitely the best since it gives you more value for your money. The definitely sucks to come up short on credits in the middle of a discussion. There’s no reason for restricting yourself over a couple of dollars a month. The cost of finding an astounding young lady (or young ladies, contingent upon your style) is definitely worth it!


  • Send unlimited messages
  • Advanced search functions
  • The best way to find you a girl!
  • Easiest way to get laid


  • Severely limited search functions
  • Can only message girls if THEY’RE a paid member (never happens)
  • Girls will think you’re poor (TERRIBLE)

Get three nice pictures that will tell members about you and where you are from. If you’re good looking then ladies will actually message you first. Everyone should definitely put their best foot forward online because hey, that’s what the girls are doing. Go ahead and send out 50 messages in a day and make sure you tailor them to each girl.

Make sure to message girls in Hong Kong a few weeks before traveling there to a minimum of three dating sites. This will give you chance of attracting numerous ladies and going on many dates. Good luck and make sure to use this offer to get the best deal on hongkongcupid.com