Watch out for Ladyboys in Thailand!

Image result for thailand ladyboyLadyboys in Thailand; also known as kathoeys are seen every day in all kinds of occupations in Bangkok. As opposed to popular belief they do not all work in the entertainment industries. They are completely assimilated into modern day Thai society and work in shops, offices, garages and just about everywhere. Thais are very accepting of people and differences; ladyboys, therefore, are not only accepted but in a strange way referred by Thai people. Most Thai girls will have ladyboys in their circle of friends and taxi drivers are all too ready to point them out and say, “Ladyboy, beautiful” at every possible chance. In Northern Thailand, they recently built a huge new comprehensive school. The toilet blocks have girls, boys and kathoeys toilets, in a show of acceptance that is hard to imagine ever happening in other States. That teenage children can accept gender and sexual differences is a remarkable demonstration of the lack of prejudice.

Ladyboys in Thailand do work in the sex and entertainment areas but so do girls. It is a lifestyle choice that is open to all and doesn’t carry the same stigma as it does in the West. The kathoeys that work in the go-go bars of Nana Plaza, Patpong, and Soi Cowboy can be quite predatory and some men do feel quite threatened by them. But the girls who work there are just the same and again it’s not that they work here because they are ladyboys, they just happen to be ladyboys who choose to work there. Judging all kathoeys on the basis of a predatory go-go dancer is just as crazy as judging all Thai girls because you have had a run in with a Girl go-go dancer. Ironically in these bars, it is illegal for girls to bare their breasts but not for ladyboys. They are still judged as men by the Thai government and as men, they cannot be stopped from baring their breasts.  If you’re into ladyboys then you can find the on ThaiCupid for sure.  Read our Review of ThaiCupid by clicking here to get a better understanding.

Image result for thailand ladyboyThai girls love to watch them and consider them to be more beautiful than themselves, which is a strange concept when you are sitting with a truly beautiful Thai girl. Offer to take any girl on a date to watch them in a go-go bar. They are extremely beautiful, though, two or three were so convincing it was almost impossible to believe. Whilst some seem happy to live their lives as a man who merely dresses as a woman, some do go the extra mile to get the reality. Hormone treatments, breast implants, buttock implants, operations to remove veins from their hands, shaving of their Adam’s apple, face lifts, butt injections and of course the full gender alignment surgery are all on the menu. Thailand and particularly Bangkok has the best breast implant specialists on the planet. I can never understand a woman in The States paying thousands of dollars for an average boob job, when they could fly here for a holiday for three weeks and get the whole trip including the surgery, cheaper. The end results will be better in Thailand as well.

Why they are so many in Thailand; It is a question for which nobody seems to have an answer. Maybe they are just more accepted so young boys have more choices in their pubescent years. Maybe there is something in the diet that causes female hormones to increase. But one thing I cannot explain is why a lot of them are so tall, there are not many tall men in Thailand, but there are plenty of very tall kathoeys.