ThaiCupid Reviews | How to Find Girls on Dating Sites in Thailand


hot thai girlThaiCupid is the second largest dating site in the Thailand but it is by FAR the best site to get your kicks from – whatever that might be.  ThaiFriendly is a good second choice so if you’re serious you should sign up over there too to make sure you have options.  There are thousands of active profiles that have been accessed in the last 30 days or so if you filter for properly aged girls.  This age range is between 18 and 35.  If you’re a young buck you shouldn’t shy away from the 35-year-old gals at all either.  These Asian women age better than any other ethnicity so they stay fit and good looking well into their 40’s.  They don’t really have an age preference here – their profiles even tell you this!

ThaiCupid is super active with Thai ladies resourcefully looking for a foreign boy friend.  Here in Thailand (I’m currently in Chiang Mai) we like to call these girls “Farang Hunters”.  This just means that they don’t like the Thai guys anymore and that they only like foreigners.  Some of these ladies just want friendship but that often includes the extras, if you know what I mean (sex for you slow guys out there).  On the other hand, some of them are looking for love if you’re into that kind of thing.

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Quality of Girls on Thai Cupid

The quality on here is about the same as it is on the other dating sites in Thailand.  This isn’t necessarily what pushes ThaiCupid over the edge but it’s definitely not at a disadvantage.  The quality is definitely much better than the strictly free dating sites for obvious reasons.  If the reason isn’t obvious to you, let me break down really quick.  Some of these single girls are interested in the lifestyle a foreigner can provide them.  If you make $1,000 a month(which isn’t a lot for us), then you’re doing better than 95% of the Thai dudes.  The last thing to mention here is that there are definitely hookers and bar girls on this site.  This is a GOOD thing in all cases, whether you’re into that or not.  If you’re into it, you can have a cheap and easy booty call.  If you’re not into it then it’s still great because they are occupying your competition’s time while you chat with the good girls.  Quality score: 7 out of 10.

Are there Fake Accounts? Is it a Scam?

With any dating site in any place in the world, there are going to be fake accounts.  When they become excessive is when it’s a problem.  ThaiCupid does a great job managing this as do all of the Cupid Media dating sites.  They’re able to control it better than most because they have the revenue to employ people to handle this task specifically.  A lot of the members like us (assuming you will help) report the accounts we suspect are fake and they actually do something about it.  This is actually a big issue on some of the other networks where ladyboys on are the site trying to trick people.  There are also scams on some sites where the company actually sets up fake accounts just to entice people to pay.  This is not the case on Thai Cupid at all.  All of the Asian dating sites ran by their company are great and work very well.  Most of these girls that would scam you are in Bangkok so make sure you’re if you’re in that area that you’re very careful.

thaichicktopPaid or Unpaid?  Which is Better and Why?

Okay, obviously the paid version is going to be the best.  The main question is what are the benefits of using the paid version and are they worth it?  You’re going to struggle a bit if you don’t pay because you’ll be very limited on the number of messages you can send out per hour.  You can only send 4 messages per hour.  That might not sound that bad but it’s actually limited down to 1 per 15 minutes.  So for example, if you send a message to a girl and she replies, you have to wait 15 minutes before you can message her again.  This is extremely limiting, especially if you want to talk to multiple girls.


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  • Send unlimited messages
  • Advanced search functions
  • Message restricted members
  • Best way to find your perfect girl!

UnpaidLongest trial button

  • Severely limited search functions
  • 1 message per 15 minutes
  • Can’t message every girl
  • They think you are poor

The method that I use goes something like this.  I sign up for the platinum version that is completely unlimited and has extra features that lets you filter better to narrow in on your area and the girls you want to talk to.  I message almost every local girl within my preferred age range with a generic type message.  The response rate is pretty insane but it’s a good way to just get the ball rolling.  If they don’t reply I just cancel them out for the time being and save them for a couple of weeks later.  So out of the singles that reply I just narrow them down to the ones I really want to talk to and go from there.  This should give you a great example of how to do this efficiently so you can be well on your way to getting your needs met.

skinny chick from thailandMore Tips to on How Meet Thai Women Online

You should set your profile up to be top notch.  I know it’s tough to have good pictures of yourself but if you’re going to take this serious you should make an effort to get good photos.  What these girls want to see in general is social proof.  You can’t just have all pictures of yourself alone wearing a t-shirt because they’ll think you’re a weird loner that might cut them up and eat them.  You need to have other people in at least one of your photos, if not more than one.  You should also make sure you’re dressed very nicely in at least one the pics as well.  The last tip about your pictures would be to have some that make you look interesting and wealthy.  Of course, you don’t want the girls to like you just because you have money, but you do want them to think you’re poor either.  I suggest having at least a few pictures of yourself traveling around with great backgrounds.  That could be sitting on a plane (not that great but works for this), riding a motorcycle, on a beach, at the Golden Gate bridge, or at a mountain.  Okay, that should be enough for you to get the point here.

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This lovely and lengthy ThaiCupid review is coming to an end.  I say go for it.  This site is everything that you would want it to be.  One thing to note about our reviews, we’re not full of it like the other sites.  We’ve experienced it first hand and stand behind our recommendations.  I’ve had the best experiences in Thailand and in the Philippines.  I’ve used every dating site in all of the South East Asian countries and ThaiCupid is by far the best one.