What are girls like in the Philippines?

Girls in the Philippines are pretty much like girls all over South East Asia.  Most of the girls in the area are a bit irrational and overly emotional which seems to stem from the fact that their countries are underdeveloped.  The huge bonus in the Phils is that these girls speak English so communicating is a breeze.  This has to be the best country in SEA to find a date, largely due to the language.  Check out our FilipinoCupid dating site reviews for more information on the best way to find a Filipina girlfriend.  We also did a review for PinaLove so you can read up on them and decide which one you should use.  Hint: you should use both for best results!



Ah, the most important subject that you probably already know all about.  If you like Asian girls then you’ll definitely like their style.  Not that anyone actually follows the world beauty pageant for Ms. Universe but it was pretty controversial recently so I’m sure you know who won or can guess.  Yep, it was Ms. Philippines.

There are of course subtle differences between counties in this region when it comes to looks so we’ll just talk about those.  These girls are a bit on the thin side but that’s what most of us like.  They don’t quite have the same curves as the Indonesian and Vietnamese girls but you can still find some.  A lot of them have a bit of a softer complexion compared to the other countries as well.  This is kind of hard to explain but they seem to have a bit softer type facial skin that gives them a sweeter look.  You can check out some of our pictures over on the review posts if you’re interested in seeing more pictures to get a better understanding.


Philippines girl girl


Their Personalities

These girls are generally bubbly and happy all the time.  This of course is your average girl and you’ll find it with probably 7 out of 10 of them.  I just made that number up but it can’t be too far off.  They like to spend time with their man and do things to please you just like the other countries.  Once again, the big kicker here is that they speak great English.  English is actually one of their official languages along with Filipino.  They seem to be paired together and both are spoken fluently in the larger areas.


There’s one thing I should warn you about.  These girls can be extremely emotional.  Some of them are bombs waiting to go off except they usually give warning signs that you can read.  Once you get good enough at reading the signs early on you’ll be able to avoid the types that show up at your place at 1am with all of their clothes in a suitcase to surprise move in with you.  Yes, this actually happens so make sure you keep your distance a bit at first.  These girls on FilipinoCupid have had a bit of experience in dealing with foreigners a lot of times so you won’t have to worry about it as much.  They know they can’t do these things and get away with it so it’s a great place to start out your journey.


Are They Open to Foreigners?

Short answer – yes.  These girls are more open to foreigners than pretty much any other country in the region.  This is what makes it such an amazing place to be a man and I think everyone should be able to experience this type of “celebrity” treatment and that’s half the reason we’ve collaborated to create this site.  The culture in the Philippines is of course different than Western countries so it’s hard to approach “good girls” in public just because you think they’re cute.  They will shy away from the interaction and although they won’t be hateful about it, they will basically be so shocked that they can’t hardly even speak.  This is the reason we suggest dating sites – especially for the first few months you’re in the country.