Why Is Filipino Culture So Unique


The Philippines is a country that includes more than 7,000 islands. Not all of these islands are inhabited but this is a country with a very broad range of different cultures and traditions. Filipino culture is incredibly rich and you will find that it is a fascinating country to learn about.

There are over 180 different languages spoken in the Philippines but there are five main languages spoken by a majority of the population. Tagalog is the most popular language since it is spoken by 28% of the population. Cebuano is spoken by 13% of the population and Ilocano is next with 9% of the population. It is estimated that over a quarter of the population speaks a language that is not one of the main five languages spoken in the Philippines and this include English.
Ocean-sailing is one of the staples of Filipino culture. There are many different traditions and cultural backgrounds from one island to another and from one ethnicity to another, but sailing is one of the things that all these different groups have in common.

Christianity is the most common religion in the Philippines with over 82% of the population being Catholic. Islam is the second most popular religion since 11% of the population practice this religion. It is estimated that 2% of the population still practices traditional Filipino religions.


Philippines culture religion


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The Philippines are located in Southeast Asia and are geographically between the East and the West. Filipino culture is a unique mix of these two influences. The Malay heritage is easy to identify for those who are familiar with Malaysian culture but Filipino culture has also been influenced by Spanish and American culture over the centuries.

The Philippines were a Spanish colony from the 16th to the 19th century and Spanish culture has influenced several aspects of Filipino culture. Examples of Spanish architecture can be found on several islands and some Spanish influences can be identified in aspects of Filipino culture such as music and dance.

Filipino cuisine is a very interesting mix of different influences. The food is eaten with cutlery like in Western countries but there are Chinese and Polynesian influences that can be recognized. Filipino cuisine is rich in taste and flavors but is not as spicy as other Asian cuisines.

Food in the philippines

Many sports are popular in the Philippines, including volleyball, soccer, boxing, basketball and motocross just to name a few. Playing card games and watching cock fights are popular forms of entertainment.

Filipino culture is very oriented towards the group. People feel that it is important to belong to a group, to get along with each other and to fulfill their obligations towards their family members, friends and business partners.

Filipino culture is very rich and diverse and there is a lot more to learn. You can find out more about the Philippines by reading travel guides, watching documentaries or by planning a trip there. You will find that this country has a lot to offer, not only because of its unique culture but because of the breathtaking beauty of the islands.