Is It Wrong to Date Young Filipina Girls?

john-and-his-filipina-giflriendOften times you hear people saying that these relationships in Asia are wrong.  This is the typical situation: Meet John, a 50 year old Western man goes to the Philippines to retire and settle down.  He may be heart broken and divorced, or maybe he is just fed up with his lifestyle in his home country and the way women treat him there.  He’s looking for love or at the very least some feminine attention.  He ends up finding an attractive 20 year old Filipina that’s giving him that feminine attention and he really enjoys it.  She’s struggling financially and really enjoys John’s company.  The two start dating and she ends up moving in with him and they both benefit from the situation and have their needs met.


Okay so what’s the issue here?  There isn’t one!  A lot of people tend to judge this type of relationship.  They think that John is preying on these girls and taking advantage of them.  My questions is this – how is he taking advantage of her when he’s giving her a better life?  She no longer has to wonder where her next meal comes from.  She actually enjoys his company.  She thinks he’s the most masculine, caring, and supportive man she’s ever met.  He is NOT taking advantage of her.  Hell, we could even argue that it’s the other way around if we wanted to but that’s uncalled for.  People need to be happy.  People want to have their needs met and want the best life and connection they possibly can. Who are we to judge?


You know who judges?  Feminists and almost every other woman from Western countries. These women have a picture of what the world is supposed to be like and think that the girl is supposed to be balanced or in control of the relationship.  This just doesn’t work if the man is feeling emasculated.   This is exactly the thinking that causes people like John to head out to Asia and seek a better life and a better connection.  Don’t make this mistake and judge these men (or the women!).  They are simply taking care of their needs in the best way they know how and there’s nothing illegal or immoral about it.


About Us HomeIf you think it’s creepy then just put yourself in their shoes.  What would you do if you were John and you felt mistreated and half of your money is gone from a rocky divorce?  I know what I’d do.  I did the same thing John did.  Now, my girlfriend isn’t quite that young but that’s not the point.  Age doesn’t matter.  Usually younger girls are more feminine so that’s probably all that John was seeing in his new girlfriend.


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