Filipino Cupid Reviews – Is it a Scam?


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Filipino Cupid is currently the largest dating site in the Philippines.  This is by far the best site in the Philippines.  Pinalove is a decent runner-up and I used to recommend signing up for it too but I just can’t suggest anyone waste their time on that site now.  There’s just no comparison when it comes to the number of high-quality girls on this site.  There are usually 2,300 profiles active within the last month if you filter the results from 18 to 35 years old.


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This is quite active and these girls are seriously looking for a foreigner.  The quality on Filipino Cupid is actually surprisingly good because of the sheer volume of girls on the site.  The average is probably a little better than Pinalove but there are also more that are above average because of the number of users.  If you take anything from this Filipino Cupid review, just know that there is no easier site in the world to get laid by a quality girl on.

Since this is the largest dating site in the Philippines, you’re obviously going to have more competition with other guys on the site.  Although girls still message you first, A LOT, this site takes a little more messaging because of the number of users.  Don’t let this scare you off – you’ll be far better off on this site than it’s competition.  Number one suggestion is to get the paid version to combat the lesser amount of messages you’ll receive.  With the paid version, you can send as many messages as you want to all of the girls and just wait for their replies.  After all, this is about getting the best results possible.


Fake Accounts on FilipinoCupid – Is it a Scam?

There aren’t an overwhelming amount of fake accounts on Filipino Cupid.  Its competitors seem to be worse as a whole and I’ve been hearing that some of the other dating sites are actually getting hit with some serious scams.  That’s why I write these reviews.  I focus on writing an honest and open review from each site that I’ve used so that you guys like you don’t get duped.  Don’t let the common dating site scams scare you since it’s not as bad here on Filipina Cupid.  There are still some fake profiles but if you use your head a little bit it’s easy to spot them.  With so many active members it has to be much harder to ‘police’ this site but they do a great job in my experience.  It’s almost not even noticeable that there are that many fakes because it’s such a tiny percentage of the members.  If you come across a fake account then you can just report it to their support system as they seem to do a decent job of removing them quickly enough.  Don’t let this stop you from giving this site a try.  It goes without saying that you should get on every site possible to have the best chances of finding the girl (or girls in every case I’ve ever heard of!) you like.


Paid or Unpaid Version?

This is a no-brainer.  PAID.  Yes, it sucks, but it’s really the best and the only way to do it in my opinion.  Without the paid version you are extremely limited by the number of messages you can send.  Your profile also hangs out lower in the results so not that many girls will view your profile without you messaging them first.  If I remember correctly (it’s been a couple months since using this site – back in Thailand now), then you’re limited to sending messages to only paid members if you aren’t a paid member.  You can also send messages to girls that message you first but most of the girls aren’t paid members so they can’t do that.  I recommend signing up for the Gold or Platinum subscription but I usually go with Platinum because it gives you more bang for your buck.  The worst thing is to run out of credits in the middle of a conversation.  I actually have a horror story about that but I’ll save it for another day.  There’s no point in limiting yourself over a few dollars a month.  The cost of finding an amazing girl (or girls, depending on your style) will be less expensive per month that it is to go on a nice date in your home country!  Living in abundance with all things leads to a better life.

Paidbest price button

  • Send unlimited messages
  • Advanced search functions
  • The best way to find you a girl!
  • Easiest way to get laid for free in the world

UnpaidLongest trial button

  • Severely limited search functions
  • Can only message girls if THEY’RE a paid member (never happens)
  • Girls will think you’re poor (TERRIBLE in Asia)

hot pinayJust like with all dating sites you should put at least three really good pictures of yourself up and add a description that’s geared towards the country you’re in.  If you’re an alright looking guy then you’ll likely have lots of girls messaging you first.  Everyone should definitely put their best foot forward online because hey, that’s what the girls are doing.  If you’re a bit older then some of the girls might not message you first but I know how clever you guys are!  Go ahead and send out 50 messages in a day and make sure you tailor them to each girl.

Do what I do a couple weeks before showing up to the town and sign up for a full membership on two or three sites.  This gives you a huge pool of girls to talk to and you’ll be able to choose which girls you want to go on dates with and in what order.  Good luck out there and I’ll catch you guys on the flip side!

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