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asian-sexpads-ebook-censoredThis book will show you exactly how to pick up Asian girls, how to spot the good girls, and how to get your needs met for free.  Jumping on a dating site is by far the first step in getting your needs met when you arrive.  You should sign up before you arrive and even keep your memberships when you’re there.  However, there’s a lot more to it when it comes to navigating the dangerous waters of this pussy paradise.  Some of these girls are plotting to steal your money.  Some of them want you to build them a house so they can take it from you.  They are very good at exploiting people.  So you have to be very careful when it comes to dating Asian women and you should look into their background as much as possible.

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Make sure to click around this site and figure out which dating site is right for you.  This tell-all guide recounts the steps I took to move to Asia.  It’s a bit vulnerable but it’s a story that I’m sure isn’t far off from the same things you’re going through if you’re on this site.  We HATE the “feminists”.  Sure, I’m all for equal rights but there are traditional roles that each person in a relationship must play to make for a healthy balance.  These “feminists” are missing the point completely on what feminism actually is.  They are using it as a way to have control and to emasculate men.  Okay, enough ranting about feminists but trust me, I’m with you.  I get it.


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asian-sexpads-ebook-censoredThere’s another element that most people don’t understand when they move to Asia for the first time.  Even some guys that have been here a while don’t quite understand it either.  Don’t DATE the hookers!  This book teaches you how to get them for free but that doesn’t mean they actually like you and won’t have ulterior motives behind having sex with you for free.  They play the ‘girlfriend’ role really well in most cases and it’s quite convincing.  DON’T DATE THEM!



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Okay, so you can pick this book up for ONLY $9.99.  This short 9-page book will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.  It may be short, but it’s concise, to the point, and contains links to other resources that will help you out with starting an online business and your very own Sexpats Escape Plan.

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