Free Dating Sites in South East Asia

Asian girl with glasses and big boobsIf you’re looking for a free dating site in South East Asia then you should probably just quit.  Do you really think Asian women want a guy that can’t afford a dating account?  Okay, so maybe you can afford it but you’re being cheap.  That’s not really the point though.  The point is that they are generally looking for people that can take care of them.  That’s just their culture.  When they see white guys they assume that we all have a bit of money.  If you’re on the free dating sites and browsing along with the other poor Asian guys then they assume that you’re the same as them.


The worst thing that you can do is seem like you don’t have money.  It’s not ALL about the money but it IS about the fact that they will have security.  If you make $1,000 a month from your pension or if you’re a younger guy out on the road having some fun in foreign countries, you should definitely be doing well in Asia.  Most of the prices, aside from a few cities are great.  You can do anything that you want for under 1.5k per month.  If you’re on less than that then get off your ass and do some work.  These sites are less than $50 a month as it is and the options are almost unlimited.


What do you get from a free site?

You get a lot of fake accounts.  You get a lot of ladyboys acting like girls.  You get a lot of spam messages.  Why does this happen on these type of dating sites?  Well, it all comes down to moderation.  If these sites can’t afford to moderate them then they can’t possibly stop all of this from happening.  Something else you get is limited features.  Say you want a girl from 20 to 30 years old.  Okay, so also say that you want her to live the city that you’re in so you don’t have to travel just to go find a girlfriend.  With one of these free dating sites, you can’t even narrow it down to this! That’s ridiculous, we know, that’s why we’re warning you about it.


Some Pros for Datinglady from asia with white shirt

You can definitely pick up the dirty laundry on these sites.  We always recommend picking every dating site you possibly can so that you can have the most options possible.  With that in mind, there might actually be girls doing the same thing that we’re suggesting.  If you are on all of these free dating sites to maximize your options then they might be on the same sites doing the same thing.  This is the best we could possibly hope for.


So Which One is the Best?

We have to suggest Asian Kisses.  The reason is that they just have their stuff together more than most of these other free sites.  Another option would be to pick up a subscription to Casual Dating.  We made a review for Date in Asia and we actually think it’s okay.  The only issue with it is that there are a lot of fakes and those fakes waste a lot of your time.  Usually, they are easy to spot but these girls (or guys) are getting good at wasting a lot of your time.  Trust us and go for another option.

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