Asian Girls Dating White Men

Cute chinese girlAsian girls love white men.  It’s true.  But do you know which country it’s the most prevalent?  China.  The Chinese girls love Westerners and Western culture a tremendous amount.  It’s actually not even the girls.  I’ve had grown men take pictures of me while walking around.  I’ve had multiple friends that were hired just for being white.  One of them was hired as a musician.  Well actually he was hired as a fake musician.  He didn’t even plan an instrument but he was hired to pretend that he could play it.  That in itself is pretty crazy but it gets even better.  I had a friend that was hired to be an engineer at a real estate firm.  He was teaching English at the time and walked into a bar and someone hired him for the next day to act like he was the engineer for a multi-million dollar real estate deal.  Can you imagine?


Okay, enough about working and getting hired.  Let’s talk about how this relates to dating.  If you’re being praised this much by employers and men, how do you think the girls will treat you?  That’s right, you guessed it!  Amazing.  It’s absolutely insane how these girls treat you.  People take pictures of you while you walk through the city everyday.  The girls will literally throw themselves at you because you are seen as some sort of celebrity.  Dating Chinese girls is like being a famous celebrity.  You actually are a celebrity there.  If you stay in the same place long enough everyone will try to be your friend.  They all think you’re rich.


Asian girl on the beach

I’ve instances where I’ve walked into a bar at 1am and go approached by 4 girls within the first ten
minutes.  You actually get to choose which Asian girl to date.  It’s wild.  As if dating couldn’t be any easier, they have dating sites that you can sign up to in China where the girls message you non stop.  Celebrity status times 5.  You can have your pick of the litter.  Check out our legit review of Chinalovecupid, sign up, and see for yourself.  Hop on the paid version of it so you can pick your favorite girl.


Now just because Chinese girls stand out doesn’t mean this isn’t true or at least close to true in other cultures.  There are girls in other Asian cultures that will pick you up too but it’s just not as common.  I’ve had experiences in small towns in the Philippines and Thailand where the same things happened as well but it was just because there were no other foreigners there at all.