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Welcome to  We are here to help you discover the not-so-hidden world of dating sites in Asia, and more specifically South East Asia.  There’s a lot of junk or bullshit out there on the internet talking about these sites so we thought we’d give an honest opinion from our experience about each site.  Pick a country to hop over to a review of our favorite site in that country.

Dating for asian expats

Dating Asian women couldn’t possibly be any easier, assuming you’re coming from western countries.  There are so many ‘Farang Hunters’ in the larger cities in Asia that all you have to do is put yourself out there.  Most people don’t want to go to the smaller areas because of the lack of English speakers there but these places can also be real gems.

I’ve had experiences of walking into restaurants while traveling through and having girls take pictures of me.  Other times I’ve had girls yell “I love you! You so sexy!” as I’m leaving an open-air market or restaurant.  The situations are quite rare because of the culture but in places where there aren’t many foreigners you can basically have your pick of girls.
The issue with going out and finding a girlfriend (or girlfriends) is that a lot of these Asian girls are very shy.  At the same time, the general culture is heavily based around reputation and some girls don’t want to be seen as Farang Hunters.


The best way to deal with these issues is by getting on a dating site.  From my experience, these dating sites are EXTREMELY easy to find some company.  In every Asian country I’ve been to I’ve just created a profile on a dating site before arriving and lined up some dates.  This is extremely easy because the sites are location independent and you can just tell the girls that you’re already there.    Here are the countries that are covered so far:



Depending on what country you’re in or you’re planning on heading to – I’ve done some reviews of the sites in those countries so it’s easy to sign up.  Our favorite dating site to use is probably PinaLove because the girls in the Philippines speak great English and they REALLY like foreigners.  Our least favorite dating site is Date in Asia because the quality on there is just terrible..  If you subscribe to our email list I’ll even send you some generic tips tailored to these dating sites that will sky rocket your success!


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Dating Living in Asia

Philippines or Vietnam girls?

Filipina vs Vietnames

Deciding where to find the best girls in South East Asia is hard.  There’s a lot to consider and it’s quite hard to figure out if you haven’t experienced these places for yourself.  While Thailand should get a mention, it’s just overly saturated with a lot of other guys there doing the same thing you’d be doing.  This drive up the competition and it’s harder to find quality girls because people have beat you to the punch so to speak.  Our recommendation for good girls that are easy to find is going to be in either the Philippines or Vietnam.  The important things to consider would be looks, living standards, personality, and ease to meet someone.




This is obviously the most important section for most guys so it comes first.  Unfortunately this is hard to decide for you because it’s so subjective.  These girls have basically the same types of bodies and they are both sexy.  The Vietnamese probably have a tiny bit more curves but that’s probably just coming from our personal experiences.

Winner: Tie



VietnamLiving Standards

Once again this is hard to decide for you because it depends on what you find important.  The standard of living is probably a bit higher in Vietnam for the same price but this of course comes down to which cities you are in.  The Philipippines is a bit more third world feeling but there’s something that we kind of like about that edginess.  If English speakers and the ability to have conversations is very important then you will have a better time in the Philippines as we believe this falls under standard of living partially.


Winner: Vietnam



Pick your poison.  Most of these girls can be a bit crazy and bubbly.  In our experience the Filipinas are a bit sweeter and seem a bit needier while the Vietnamese girls are SLIGHTLY more independent.  This is only ever so slightly though.  They are pretty much all bubbly and full of personality so that’s always a good thing.  They will all like to go out and dance but might be a bit shy at first.  English speaking comes in here because of the ability to communicate and we believe this gives the Philippines an unfair advantage.

Winner: Philippines


Ease of Access

This category is important all the way around  This includes how easy it is to get to the country and also how easy it is to find any kind of girl that fits your needs.  Vietnam is easier to get to and navigate because they have decent sized airports in every city that you could want to go to.  The Philippines has airports but most of the flights are a bit more expensive and sometimes you may need to take a boat since the whole country consists of a ton of islands.

When it comes to the girls there are a few ways to go about picking them up, no matter what you’re looking for.  The first way that we would be one of the best would be through dating sites.  We suggest PinaLove or FilipinoCupid for the Philippines dating sites and we suggest VietnamCupid for Vietnam.

The other way would be to meet them in person.  The best places to go would be either the bar or the mall.  Obviously you’re going to get the bad girls at the bar for the most part and the good girls at the mall for the most part so it depends on what you’re looking for exactly.  If you’re looking to date someone we suggest never dating someone that works at a bar or someone that is freelancing at the bar.  Go ahead and go to the mall and walk about and talk to the girls but if you feel weird doing this then hop on a dating site because it’s much easier.  You can find all kinds of girls from good girls to bad on there.


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