Review – Is it a Scam?

It’s not surprise that a lot of Westerners prefer an Asian woman as a lifetime partner, while Asians find Westerners eye-catching. I think sometimes we all want what is different to us. And sometimes it is difficult for us to meet a beautiful Asian woman since they live on the opposite sides of the globe. Thankfully there are “online dating sites” and this serves as a bridge for that impossible meet up.

If you want to meet Asian women but you don’t know which specific country you want to visit or which country has the best Asian women then I recommend because you can meet women from all different countries and then pick the best. This is also a great site to use if you are planning a trip to multiple countries in Asia. Instead of getting multiple subscriptions to different country specific sites, just sign up with and you can meet women from all the countries in Asian that you are visiting all on one site. is one of the first online dating sites to cater towards Western men meeting Asian women. This site has matched up singles since 2000. Recently, it has reached over 2.5 million members worldwide. This is the most suitable dating site to look for the Asian/Westerner pair. It provides the perfect environment for destined couples to get to know each other. It is one of the most recommended online dating sites. is a secured online dating site. It is natural, of course, for newbies in online dating to be cautious in engaging with online dating sites since they are often the target for scams. However, scams can always happen in any online site. Thankfully, except sincerely cares for the safety of their customers. On, accounts are thoroughly reviewed so it is highly unlikely that fake accounts will get through.



Also, for their client’s security, personally gives advice to avoid scams. They provide tips on how to enjoy online dating with precaution, from getting to know each other until the personal meet ups. If the members are aware and knowledgeable these schemes, then it will be difficult for them to fall for such mischievous acts. There are also emotional tips included in the site, together with the safety tips, that will guide the members to a perfect online dating experience. Testimonials of several couples posted on the site also proves that it is reliable and trustworthy. is one of the online dating sites handled by Cupid Media. Cupid Media uses advanced technology against fraud. They make sure that everyone’s journey in finding a partner in life happens on a secured site. They provide appealing site designs, various language preference, and translations to break through the language barrier. They also regularly update and improve their dating sites for high quality customer service. Their employees are skilled, each speaking their own languages (some are bilingual), to provide maximum customer service. They are all experts in their field.


Cupid Media aims to maintain their leading dating network status. They are constantly making improvements to give users optimum “service”.

There are only three easy steps to sign up to — create your profile, browse photos, and start the conversation. Users can also alter the language “mode”, for their convenience. Choosing for online dating will be a remarkable experience. There is always someone out there waiting for their other half to take the first step.

This is a reliable site to begin your quest. Signing up on is already the beginning of your love story. Maybe one day, you’ll also have your own testimonial, thanking for helping you find your lifetime partner from across the globe.