This site was made for the purpose of giving honest reviews of dating sites that my friends and I have used in our travels.  I’ve been in Asia for two years now and have lived in three different countries.  We collaborate on reviews so that we can give the best information to the viewers.  These other guys have lived in a few countries that I haven’t and have just as much experience or more.


Dan here.  If you’re anything like me you’re tired of the attitudes of Western women.  These women always feel entitled to everything and have “bitch shields” up.  It’s almost impossible to find a date on a dating site and it’s even harder to meet them in public in Western countries.  The only option in the West is to go out all the time and have a large social circle.  You have to make your entire life revolve around finding a girlfriend or someone to date if you want to have an enjoyable sex life.  Once you do find a girlfriend you have to keep up your large social circle to keep them.  If you falter socially they will just leave you.  It’s not like that AT ALL in Asia.


I still remember what it was like before I moved here.  There were so many questions about how dating worked in Asia and there was always conflicting information online.   This information will be extremely helpful to any man from 18-80 years old.


What I’ve learned along the way is that dating sites are by far the easiest way to meet girls but it’s hard to know ones to use if you haven’t been on them before.  The goal here is to share tips on what to do with your profile so you get the best response rates and also to point out the best sites in the areas you’ll be traveling to or living in.  Hopefully you find this information helpful!  Good luck out there.